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World’s Biggest Web 3.0 Conference DCENTRAL Miami Going All Out for 2022 Edition

World’s Biggest Web 3.0 Conference DCENTRAL Miami Going All Out for 2022 Edition

Last year’s event brought more than 5,000 Web 3.0 enthusiasts to Miami, making it the first and largest combined Web 3.0 conference in history. Regardless of the current market conditions, organizers have done everything they can to stay ahead of the curve this year and ensure even more visitors with a double capacity booking. DCENTRAL Miami returns for its second edition on November 28-29, 2022, and will feature a legendary lineup of guest speakers, including producer, rapper, and songwriter, R&B star extraordinaire Timbaland, and the Grammy winner. Miguel, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp and two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis.

Also performing are Romeo Lacoste, ‘Tattoo God in LA,’ YouTuber Ben Bitboy Armstrong, and professional wrestler PJ Black. Along with Fashion DAO and Jing Meta, this year’s DCENTRAL Miami debuts as a catwalk for fashion and culture. The new all-day event builds on last year’s edition, where DCENTRAL created the world’s first dedicated digital fashion space at a Web 3.0 conference. On November 29th, ten lectures and panel discussions will cover the latest fashion, culture, and trends in the digital and metaverse realm.

DCENTRAL, together with DAO Planet, presents for the first time the DAO Summit, a “DAO Day,” on November 28th. Presentations lasting over six and a half hours will cover a wide range of topics related to the administration of the Protocol, including public goods funding, legal considerations, and organizational models.

In addition, DCENTRAL Miami is proud to welcome more than 130 keynote speakers with the help of the AllStarsWomen DAO, who will share their Web 3.0 know-how on all stages and workshop rooms. Minerva’s Circle, DCENTRAL’s new diversity initiative, is hosting a Women’s Lounge Meetup with support from Mythic Games, featuring jam-packed, all-women-led workshops on diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of the underserved. When guests arrive at the James L Knight Center in downtown Miami, they are greeted by a 20-foot LED entrance cube. But at the heart of the DCENTRAL Miami experience is a very immersive space with three fully screened walls that explore the intersection of art, fashion, technology, and culture through immersive experiences, collaborative commissions, NFT introductions, living labs, and participatory design.

DCENTRAL’s NFT Gallery, organized in collaboration with NFT framework company MetaSill, brings even more surrealism to the conference, showcasing digital artworks that push boundaries and push Web 3.0 culture. Finally, on the main stage, Binance Live, CoinMarketCap, and Dextools will live stream presentations from the eclectic guest list, ranging from native Web 3.0 projects, traditional finance, venture investing, influencers, and other niches.

About DCENTRAL Miami

DCENTRAL Miami is a web 3.0 and cryptocurrency-focused event taking place over two days in the heart of downtown Miami. Presentations, parties, and networking opportunities. Scattered around the James L Knight Center are interactive art exhibits, product demos, and workshops hosted by representatives from influential NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi projects.

The event’s focus on community empowerment embodies the spirit that makes cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 unique.

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