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William Wang

William Wang
William Wang is the founder of an exclusive blockchain company known as Meta World and the Bicaro Holding Co. Ltd Thailand owner.
He is graduated from the National University of Singapore and has extensive knowledge and experience in helping multiple enterprises with funding through Initial Coin Offerings. He consults with various companies across different industries. Mr. William is a visionary person that predicts the future moments of the crypto industry from his experience. He has produced and led a team of experts committed to providing their customers with exceptional service while offering their employees the best training.
Meta World is prepared to close the technological gap between companies and blockchain. The company offers resources that make working on blockchain projects much easier while allowing its customers to relax and enjoy favorable outcomes.
Previously William Wang was in the financial industry, servicing offshore banking clients around Asia. He started a real estate development project in Thailand DMK avenue with local partners.
William Wang is a shareholder of Bicaro holding company limited Thailand, which functions as a real estate development company based in Thailand. William Wang has made it a licensed medical marijuana plantation company that grows medically used marijuana for medical uses only.

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