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Will Low User Activity Pose a Problem in the Long Run?


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Declining User Activity on the ENS Network

According to recent data from Dune Analytics, the number of monthly registrations on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) network has been declining steadily since early 2021. The decline has been particularly noticeable in recent months, with the number of new registrations dropping to levels not seen since mid-2020.


Pessimistic Outlook Among Traders and Investors

The decline in user activity has not gone unnoticed by traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space. On-chain metrics, such as the number of active addresses and the volume of transactions, have also shown a decline in recent months, leading to a pessimistic outlook among some market participants.


Possible Explanations for the Decline

One possible explanation for the decline in user activity is the current state of the cryptocurrency market, which has been characterized by extreme volatility and uncertainty. However, it is unlikely to be the sole cause of the decline. Another possible explanation is that the ENS network has simply reached its saturation point.


Potential Solutions to Address the Decline

To remain viable in the long run, the ENS network must take steps to address the decline in user activity. This could involve initiatives to attract new users, such as targeted marketing campaigns or partnerships with other blockchain projects. Alternatively, the ENS network could explore new use cases beyond domain name registration.



The recent decline in user activity on the ENS network is a cause for concern, and the network’s long-term viability may be at risk if the trend continues. However, with the right approach and strategic initiatives, the network has the potential to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger in the years ahead.

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