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What is the best crypto use case? Community Answers

What is the best crypto use case? Community Answers

One community member argued that the best use case for cryptocurrencies is still how cryptocurrencies offer a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system that cuts out intermediaries like banks. One by one, community members continue to remind the world of the best cryptocurrency use cases. Community members provided various answers, from payments and self-custody to transparency and investing.

One community member highlighted the use of stablecoins like Tether USDTtickers for $1.00 as payment methods and noted that other cryptocurrencies can be used as investment vehicles. On the other hand, another answer mentioned the transparency that cryptocurrencies offer. Aside from that, one response also brought up the concept of saving, spending, and self-service. -Detention, which has been the most talked about lately since the FTX collapse.

 Meanwhile, another answer wrote that the best use case is that crypto provides a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction mechanism that cuts out intermediaries like banks and allows those unbanked to access a financial instrument. Contrary to some answers, one community member replied that the crypto space should aim for everyday utility.

According to the Twitter user, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and trading are unlikely to drive cryptocurrency adoption in the rest of the world. The community member noted that it’s time for the cryptocurrency ecosystem to improve its utility.

Another Twitter user echoed the above views, noting that payments remain the best use cases for cryptocurrencies. The community member also pointed out the possibility that Dogecoin DOGEticker deducting $0.10 will be implemented on Twitter as a payment method within the social platform. Amid the downturn in the crypto markets, many community members believe Bitcoin BTC is ticking down $16,773, and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Some argue that the current FTX crisis is just a black swan event, while others reiterate their faith in cryptocurrencies.

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