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Web3 gaming metaverse aims to revolutionize GameFi

Web3 gaming metaverse aims to revolutionize GameFi

Web3 gaming metaverse aims to revolutionize GameFi

Currently, most GameFi projects use the Play to Win (P2E) model, which focuses primarily on profit and ignores what matters most: fun features that attract and retain players. Some projects have been criticized for offering inferior gameplay characterized by insane graphics and hard-to-understand controls. Artifact is the first Metaverse of Web3 gaming, combining the best of the AAA and GameFi world with an innovative Play-and-Win (PAE) model that puts the gaming experience ahead of profit. It promises to offer a virtual gaming world with top-notch graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 5; In its ecosystem, you will find a variety of exciting games to play and win, as well as a marketplace for 3D NFTs and significant events.

Something for everyone

The artifact metaverse consists of two distinct components, each with a different purpose. Its urban setting will host NFT exhibits and 3D marketplaces, allowing users to trade crypto collectibles, purchase virtual real estate, and dress up their avatars with the eye. – Catch strings and participate in immersive events such as concerts, meetings, and shows. 

With fashion playing a crucial role in the Metaverse (and top designer brands unveiling new collections), Artifact also wants to host virtual runway shows in its space celebrating beautiful clothes. Elsewhere, Artifact “citizens” can compete in their play area in custom arenas. Play-and-win games will be available from various shooter genres, with Deathmatch, Checkpoint, and Battle Royale being just a few examples.

Alongside the new experiences for users, Artifact also foresees significant changes in how business is done in the Metaverse. Virtual billboards allow owners to monetize advertising, while influencers and brands have a chance to build an even more robust image. Interact with their audience in a way that has never been done before. Partnerships have been formed with companies such as TruePNL, York St.Capital, Double Protocol, BrandPad, Zelwin Finance, Eternity, and Blockchain Invest, among others, while Artifact is brought to life. 

Lots to look forward to

Artifact says it now has a functional minimum viable product, complete with features that Metaverse competitors like Decentraland or Sandbox don’t offer. Demo videos have also been released, showing what players can expect in eye-catching and realistic detail. Pictures accompanied by exciting gameplay. The project has attracted 100,000 followers on its social networks in multiple languages ​​. It has undergone a security audit by Certik and KYC checks by its team to give users peace of mind. In addition, the project recently started pre-sales on four launch pads. And while there’s been a lot to celebrate, the hard work doesn’t end there. The beta version of Artifact is planned for the next six months.

In addition, the founder of the project, Oleg Boytsov, says:

Our lives have become increasingly digital – many spend 50% of our time online, if not more. But at the moment, significant gaming, social media, and blockchain platforms cannot fully utilize the potential of NFT and Web3. — and that’s precisely what Artifact wants to solve.

Artifact has been integrated with Binance good Chain to confirm transactions are processed quickly, complete with low fees and high levels of security.

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