Web3 Domain Alliance Launches to Protect Users’ Digital Identities

Web3 Domain Alliance Launches to Protect Users’ Digital Identities

Today the Web3 Domain Alliance was formed, a new coalition aimed at promoting technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registrations and improving the Web3 user experience. The alliance will seek to prevent malicious phishing attacks, attackers masquerading as Web3 “top-level domains” (W3TLDs), cybersquatting and Web3 domain collisions. The member-led group includes the leading blockchain and web3 naming players, including unstoppable domains (.crypto, .nft, x, bilateral, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, ily .blockchain), Trust (.sol), Tezos-Domains (.tez), Polkadot-NameSystem (.dot), Hashgraph-Name (bar), Syscoin (.sys) and Clayton. Domains (.klay) working together to protect Web3 domain names. This cross-chain coalition includes naming systems on Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Polkadot, Hedera, and Klayton blockchains.

Promoting the Development of the Web3 Naming Industry

Although the Internet Corporation organizes traditional Web2 domain names for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a US non-profit organization responsible for coordinating namespace databases, Web3.Web3 domains do not exist as such governing bodies or alliances. Like Sandy.nft, Nate. Bar or Sarah.sol provides an infrastructure that allows people to own their Web3 identity and data on the Internet.

With the booming demand for Web3 domains, there are still no established industry standards to prevent problems such as fraud or name collisions within Web3. In discussions with ICANN to increase awareness and ICANN’s recognition of W3TLDs.

A Web3 domain is integral to a person’s Web3 digital identity. Among other things, it can send and receive cryptocurrencies instead of long alphanumeric wallet addresses. It also provides the holder with an easy-to-read Web3—domain, such as sandy NFT. A Web3 environment can also be used for website hosting, secure email forwarding, and as a single sign-on method for many apps, games, metaverse, and more. Web3 domains are minted on the blockchain and stored in a user’s wallet, Putting more control in the hands of the owner.

Businesses are also recognizing the benefit of using branded W3TLDs, such as. Blockchain, or “.klever,” and the Web3 Domain Alliance are committed to collaborating on ways to protect and protect their intellectual property rights. So they can confidently engage with their favorite brands on Web3. The Web3 Domain Alliance strives to standardize and protect existing and future Web3 domain names and prevent malicious actors from introducing name collisions, making it difficult for users to navigate this new technology and trust those they are with to interact. Among other initiatives, the Web3 Domain Alliance will work to align the intellectual property rights of all Web3 naming services and determine how best to prevent consumer harm.

The members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will work together to advance the development of the Web3 naming industry. They will also commit to educating consumers, regulators, and industry participants about the distinctiveness, technological innovation, and usefulness of Web3 domains and to advocate for proper governance and recognition of Web3 naming services by browsers, technology partners, Web2 companies, and other interested parties.

Founded in 2022, the Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-led, member-driven organization dedicated to improving technology and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services. It encourages the development of the Web3 naming industry and the operation of Web3 domain registrations with and between traditional and blockchain-based web applications. The Web3 Domain Alliance is also dedicated to the technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registrations.

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