Web3 Community NounsDAO is putting together an NFT comic book series

Web3 Community NounsDAO is putting together an NFT comic book series

Web3 neighborhood in collaboration with comic book publisher Titan Comics and NFT community ComicsDAO, NounsDAO is developing the story of its Nouns non-fungible token (NFT) collection through the creation of a comic book series.

The comics, titled “Nouns: Nountown,” will have a plot centered on the Nouns ecosystem’s tokens. David Leach, a senior editor at Titan, will write the series, and Danny Schlitz, an illustrator with experience working with companies like Disney, Marvel, Netflix, and Warner Brothers, will provide the illustrations.

The comic books will be vaulted and published as NFTs in April by Web3 security supplier 4K Protocol. Buyers can either buy the actual book in stores or exchange their digital tokens for a physical copy once the book is launched.

Adam Fortier, a comic industry veteran and the founder of ComicsDAO, told CoinDesk that he is excited about Web3 technologies bringing new life to traditional content categories.

If there was any physical space that embodied the essence of NFT, it would be comic books,” Fortier said. “They’re completely interested in different stories and eager to try something new, but there’s also the collectible aspect.”

Furthermore, the project hopes to expand the Nouns’ intellectual property (IP), which is protected by a CC0 copyright. According to an anonymous co-founder of Nouns 4156, the release of a digital and physical comic book will inspire community members to seek new ways to expand the brand’s creativity.

“The intent was always to try to build something that could hopefully become the world’s largest open-source brand,” 4156 explained. This particular collaboration is another step in that direction.

Nouns, which mints Ethereum-based generative NFTs every day to fund its decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), has been investing in other Web3 projects in recent months. Nouns announced a collaboration with the Australian Open in December to develop an NFT collection inspired by the tennis competition. The DAO has also approved funds for a Rose Parade float in 2023 and a Budweiser Super Bowl advertisement.


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