Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

With the latest crypto market collapse, it seems that new NFT projects being released are starting to slow down. The projects released in this depressed market condition have typically been in development for a long time with a dedicated team behind them.

As a result, you can often find highly innovative and exciting projects during bear markets.

Versailles Heroes is the latest NFT metaverse project set to blow up. This P2E game combines elements of the traditional gaming system with new-age blockchain technology to create an exciting ecosystem where players can interact and earn a stream of income as their skills increase.

What is Versailles Heroes

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

Versailles Heroes is a one-of-a-kind, competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with GameFi and metaverse elements. It is a P2E game that combines crypto-economics with the gaming world, NFT game art, and the blockchain to create a self-contained gaming ecosystem for players.

The MOBA game has both PVP and PVE battle mechanics in its matchmaking system, meaning players can battle against each other to go head-to-head or interact with the quests in the environment.

On their adventures, players can accumulate virtual assets which can be integrated into the embeddable NFTs. However, players must first purchase an NFT Hero from the marketplace to participate in the game, and the winner of each game is rewarded in tokens.

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

Versailles Heroes is based on a very in-depth story about two fictional planets, Cybora and Solaris. These are twin planets that attract each other and orbit one another at high speeds.

Unfortunately, monsters and raptors occupied 95% of the continent on Cybora. However, interstellar explorers crashed on the planet and found magic stones called MOHs that could generate peculiar energies. These magical boxes produced strange effects and gave humans special abilities, leading the people in Versailles to create heroic figures with the boxes.

These are the heroes that players use in the battles.

The heroes include many familiar characters from ancient cultures, such as explorers, prophets, magicians, and tanks.

The Different Game Modes in Versailles Heroes

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

There are five game modes in Versailles Heroes that players can enjoy. These include;

  • Practice Grounds
  • Battle Royale
  • Death Match
  • Trophies Collection
  • Inhibitor Rush

The Practice Grounds tutorial was created to introduce new players to the game.

The Battle Royale is a 12-player match where players must battle each other to survive. The 12 heroes are transported to an isolated island with a boundary that continues to shrink as the 5-minute timer counts down. Only half of the teams will survive, and players can gain experience by hitting the supply boxes in the match.

The Death Match is a skill-based competition in which players gain one point for each kill. It is a 4v4 match with a four-minute time limit.

The Trophies Collection game mode is a 4v4 map where players must fight each other to collect trophies.

Lastly, the Inhibitor Rush is a game mode where players are split into two teams, and they have to grab batteries to summon robots to dismantle the enemies Inhibitors.

Overall, the team has done an incredible job of creating these game modes to make a thrilling and engaging range of options for players to choose from.

Why is this NFT project set to blow up?

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up

One of the team’s original goals was to create a blockchain game that could truly be run and owned by its players. As a result, the game is set to achieve a complete DAO community governance system. In addition, the DAO will have the ability to customize the NFTs and the game scenarios fully.

Furthermore, the team has a very different outlook on how NFTs should operate inside a metaverse. As a result, they created an innovative set of NFTs called “Scalable NFTs”.

What are the Scalable NFTs?

The NFTs for this project are highly unique and innovative. The Versailles Heroes team seeks to change how NFTs operate inside gaming metaverse ecosystems.

Traditionally, NFTs represent tokenized virtual items to grant ownership rights to players that hold the NFTs. However, the value of the NFT is supported by the game’s economic structure, and investors see NFTs as crypto assets with only investment potential.

In addition, they also realized that NFTs could not generate additional revenue during growth or upgrade.

The team believes this is an inherent problem with the NFT gaming ecosystem. From their perspective, they think that the appeal of gaming comes from nurturing characters, and the value of NFTs should come from improving heroes.

As a result, the team created scalable NFTs for Versailles Heroes. To increase its value, these scalable NFTs are embeddable to include additional upgrades to the NFT Heroes. Any additional upgrades that are added to the NFTs are recorded on the blockchain.

Each NFT hero itself comes with special skills, meaning that each type of hero has its own play style. The current types of heroes in the game include;

  • Mages
  • Marksmen
  • Assassins
  • Tanks
  • Support

The special skills that make each hero unique include;

  • Health points
  • Attack power
  • Attack speed
  • Movement speed

Leveling up the heroes increases their basic attributes and boosts their battle counts in the game. You will need to win as many matches as possible to get better at the game. However, you will also need to upgrade your NFTs as the players you face improve.

All paid NFTs can be upgraded in the marketplace, and upgraded NFTs will be permanently recorded in the blockchain. The data that is recorded includes;

  • Hero Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary
  • Skin Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary
  • Class: Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Support
  • Level: 1 – 11
  • Battle Count

Players will tend to choose the hero type that suits their gaming style the most. For example, Mages can deal high burst damage while Supporters can provide powerful crowd control. So, if you are more attack-minded in games, you will gravitate toward the Mages and Marksmen. On the other side, if you are more defense-minded, you will find Tanks and Support heroes more appealing.

As your proficiency with a particular hero improves, so will your game ranking. Players must win more matches to get a higher ranking, and the number of trophies they manage to win determines their ranking.

The ranks range from Newbie all the way up to Challenger Supreme. The higher your rank is in the game, the more valuable your NFT will become.

The great thing about the game is that novice players are protected from meeting experienced players due to the ELO rating mechanism. Newbies will typically encounter AI players to help them quickly climb in the rankings.

Versailles Heroes NFT the Newest NFT Project Set to Blow Up



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