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VeeFriends, Degen Toonz and DigiDaigaku on Heels of Top 3 NFT Collections

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A trio of non-fungible token (NFT) projects have been surging recently, just behind some of the highest profile ones this year.

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based metaverse real estate platform, came in at the top spot on LunarCrush’s Top 10 AlternativeRank NFTs projects, based on social media and market activity.

It was followed by a surging Ethereum Name Service in second, and the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection in third.

However, immediately following on the list came three rather unfamiliar projects that seem to have some momentum behind them, VeeFriends, DegenToonz, and DigiDaigaku, sequentially.


VeeFriends describes itself as, “a Gary Vaynerchuk NFT project around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community,” on its website. In addition to joining the VeeFriend community, owners of the NFTs also gain three years’ access to Vaynerchuk’ annual VeeCon, where the business maverick focuses on themes of entrepreneurship and innovation.

While primary sales of the NFTs started on, the ERC-721 standard tokens are also now available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Currently, the total trading volume of the collection on OpenSea stands at 57,200 ETH, with a floor price of 5.84 ETH.

VeeFriends’ Just Jackal. Source: OpenSea

Degen Toonz offers airdrops

Launched in mid-Feb., Degen Toonz are a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, each one doubling as a membership to a metaverse community.

Rewards for minting an NFT include free t-shirt and wallets of that minted NFT, 1/1 token rewards up to $50,000 in ETH, as well as Mint and HODL airdrops, according to the project website. Current HODLERS are also rewarded with exclusive airdrops that could include additional TOONZ and ETH.

On OpenSea, the collection has a total trading volume of 17,300 ETH, and with a community lacking some of the resources of Vaynerchuk’s brood, a floor price of 0.55 ETH.

TOONZ #7810. Source: OpenSea

DigiDaigaku characters are shrouded in mystery

Finally, DigiDaigaku is a collection of 2,022 unique character NFTs developed by Web3 game developer LimitBreak. Revealing little, the project’s website and Twitter page remain cryptic.

“Currently, DigiDaigaku characters live in a mysterious world unknown to outsiders, but in time, exciting details about their world will be revealed,” the project’s description on OpenSea read.

While the collection only has 7,500 ETH in trading volume, the NFTs command a staggering floor price of 14.5 ETH, or nearly $20,000.

DigiDaigaku #331 – Misako. Source: OpenSea

Solana NFT projects surging

The continued sales of these new NFTs projects demonstrates the resurgence in demand for NFTS. In another sign of the swelling interest, Solana NFTs have now risen to become only second to Ethereum by recent sales volume.

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