VC-Backed NFT Social Platform Metalink Launches Mobile App

VC-Backed NFT Social Platform Metalink Launches Mobile App


Metalink, a venture capital-backed social platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has recently launched a mobile app with a unique hook. This app aims to make the NFT buying and selling experience more accessible and engaging for users. Metalink is a platform that connects NFT creators and collectors, allowing them to showcase, trade, and sell their digital assets. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, Metalink’s new app is a timely addition to the market.

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What is Metalink?

Metalink is a social platform that focuses on NFTs, providing a space for creators and collectors to connect, showcase, and trade their digital assets. The platform’s mission is to make NFTs more accessible to everyone, by offering a user-friendly and engaging experience.

The Metalink Mobile App

Metalink’s new mobile app is designed to provide users with an engaging experience, making it easier to buy, sell and trade NFTs. The app offers a range of features that allow users to discover new NFTs, connect with other creators and collectors, and showcase their collections. The app also offers a gamified experience, with users able to earn rewards for engaging with the platform and completing various tasks.

The Unique Hook

The Metalink app’s unique hook is its gamified experience. Users can earn rewards for completing tasks, such as exploring the platform, creating and sharing content, and making purchases. These rewards can be used to purchase exclusive NFTs, giving users an added incentive to engage with the platform.


In conclusion, Metalink’s new mobile app is an exciting addition to the NFT market. The app’s focus on providing an engaging and accessible experience is a welcome development, as NFTs become more popular among mainstream audiences. The app’s gamified experience is a unique hook, making it stand out from other NFT marketplaces. With Metalink’s focus on community-building and user engagement, it is likely that the platform will continue to grow and attract new users. If you’re interested in NFTs and want to explore the Metalink app, it’s available for download now.

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