UK looks for a crypto crime fighter with a $50K salary

UK looks for a crypto crime fighter with a K salary

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is taking steps to increase its focus on cryptocurrency-related crime and fighting criminals’ cyber incidents related to using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin BTCtickers, down $16,819. Dubbed the “NCCU Crypto Cell,” the crypto-focused unit will initially include five officers dedicated to “proactive cryptocurrency remittance.” Cybercrime,” Chris Lewis-Evans, NCA director of infrastructure investigations, Added:

“Cryptocurrency and virtual assets are considered specialized areas of expertise, and this role is critical in supporting NCA investigations where they are used to enable serious crime. As part of the project, the NCA seeks a cryptocurrency investigator with a good understanding of cryptocurrency and extensive experience conducting blockchain forensic investigations into serious and organized crime. The NCA’s next crypto crime fighter will need to provide investigators with strategic and tactical advice in handling cryptocurrency-related cases to support existing and new investigations. The position requires experience in seed phrase identification and recovery and advanced tracing through blockchains. The position offers an annual salary of between £40,200 ($48,200) and £43,705 ($52,400).

Candidates are asked to apply by January 10, 2023

The NCA’s move aims to increase regulatory focus on crypto assets in the US amid calls for the government to eliminate “dirty money” in the country. In September 2022, the US government introduced a bill to tackle fraud laundering, specifically by expanding the authorities’ ability to confiscate cryptocurrencies used for illicit purposes. According to Andy Gould, Chief Detective Superintendent of the National Council of Police Chiefs, all police forces in the US. Has trained all officers for crypto seizure and enforcement investigations as of October 2022.

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