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Top 5 Cryptos Seen Making Double-Digit Gains in The Final Days Of January

Top 5 Cryptos Seen Making Double-Digit Gains in The Final Days Of January

While distributed blockchain systems may be highly secure at the network level, the non-human-readable transaction data displayed by the majority of wallet software poses a significant security risk for many users. 

This isn’t the first time a high-profile NFT collector has been duped. It’s not even the first this month. 

NFT God lost everything less than two weeks ago after downloading malware and, despite claiming to be “highly technical,” admitted to entering his seed phrase “in a way that no longer kept it cold.” 

More collectors will most likely be relieved of their digital art in the future. A multimillion-dollar industry built on trigger-finger FOMO and frequently executed through an illegible interface provides fertile ground for phishing.

Top 5 Cryptos For January’s Final Week

Aptos (APT)

Aptos (APT) has gained 127% in the last week and 440% in the last month. This obscure and new token is currently trading at $17.93, which is remarkable given that it was worth less than $4 just a month ago.

Aptos, which debuted in October 2022 to much fanfare and criticism, has a market capitalization of slightly more than $2 billion, ranking it 35th among cryptocurrency networks. 

Several indicators suggest that many market observers did not anticipate Aptos’s market success. Despite this, APT has established itself as one of the market’s top performers, with additional price growth expected as February begins.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin’s price is currently more than 36% higher for the month of January, owing to increased optimism surrounding the leading cryptocurrency.

BTC is currently trading at $22,946, representing a 9% increase over the previous week. As fears of FTX contagion and rising interest rates fade, the quick rise in BTC/USD pushed prices above $22,000 before settling.

Using historical precedent as a guide, BTC could be on the verge of a significant price increase, as the recent uptrend resembles the mid-2019 bullish resurgence, which saw the price increase by approximately 250%.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano ranks third on our list of the top five cryptos. ADA was trading at $0.3791 at the time of writing, up nearly 12% in the last seven days. Despite the asset’s price dropping by 88.33%, many believe that the launch of Djed stablecoin next week will provide the necessary boost to $1. 

Cardano’s blockchain update is the latest in a long line of improvements that have helped it become one of the most capable layer-one networks in the cryptocurrency industry.

While the technicals alone show that ADA (like the rest of the market) has been due for a significant comeback for quite some time, its fundamentals also point to continuous price increases this year.

ApeCoin (APE)

The contentious ApeCoin, which received a lot of negative press during its launch and throughout 2022, has gained 32% in the last week. 

APT is currently trading at $6.35, a 4.7% increase over the previous 24 hours.

Since January 23, the price of ApeCoin has ranged between $5.35 and $6.0. However, after BTC crossed $23.5K, APE surpassed the range and reached $6.40.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom completes our top 5 cryptocurrency list. During the last week, the value of Fantom and its native token, FTM, has increased by nearly 51%.

This surge is linked to the Fantom Foundation’s recent announcement that Axelar will enable interchain connectivity for the platform and its broader Web3 ecosystem.

Fantom celebrated 2023 by holding frequent pricing rallies. The price has risen by 90% in the past month to $0.3871. 

The value of FTM fell around the middle of this month and appeared to be reversing course, but it has since recovered, and trading volume has increased.


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