Top 5 Blockchain Games to Invest In 2022

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Invest In 2022

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Invest In 2022

A blockchain game is any crypto or NFT game that uses blockchain technology with or without a play-to-win mechanic. CryptoKitties started the blockchain gaming trend in 2017: virtual pets represented as non-fungible tokens. — and expanded to include big names like The Sandbox and Decentraland, who have built entire Metaverse platforms and reached multi-billion dollar market caps. Unique active wallet addresses (UAW) in the last month: a way to accurately track the number of players. We are also reviewing some new and upcoming blockchain games as potential investments.

Reviewing the Best Blockchain Games to Invest In

The highest 30-day volume of players on DappRadar’s top blockchain game at the time of writing is Neopets Meta, with over 1 million monthly active players. For those more interested in investing in blockchain games and their native cryptocurrencies: check out some new and upcoming crypto games on different blockchains first and then add some established titles to the best blockchain games.

 Calvaria – Overall Best Blockchain Game Offering Several Game Modes

Players who enjoy playing to win games with different characters with unique abilities will enjoy Calvaria, a tactical game that offers actual gameplay ownership. Calvaria is a card game in which players must defeat opponents using tactics to acquire unique cards while participating in seasonal tournaments. The game allows different game modes to suit players with other goals and preferences to get further upgrades or buy them from the store. Collectible NFT tokens are used to increase the power of decks which can be resold on secondary markets.

The game will be available on PC and mobile apps to ensure that users without crypto have access. Calvaria is based on different factions striving to fulfill their unique mission and offers players the possibility of a story mode. This makes it possible to participate in the game without a credit balance. Property. Calvaria has developed its platform to ensure players are entertained while earning rewards for playing the game and winning tournaments and Coins to get $RIA tokens.

Players can choose between a single-player or player-versus-player campaign. The single-player model allows you to explore the game universe and then progress to different stages of combat. The rewards offered are unique cards or power-ups that can be used in play-to-player mode: primary battle mode in which players must use collectible NFT tokens, power-ups, and individual cards to strategize the other player’s beat.


Silks are fast becoming the #1 sports NFT on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea, ranked in the top 50 on the leading NFT market analysis website Nansen, and backed by significant investment firms. A unique offering in blockchain gaming, Silks was the first of its kind: an immersive horse racing NFT project. The play-to-win mechanic in this game has an exciting real-life crossover: when a player’s digital horse wins a real-world race, they earn in-game crypto rewards. The fun and authenticity don’t end there for horse racing and gaming fans: everything in your stallion’s DNA somehow plays a part in this blockchain game. Silks partnered with a thoroughbred horse training facility in Kentucky: Circle 8 Rancho.

They are also strategically associated with Tropical Racing, a horse racing company specializing in breeding and racing thoroughbred horses. Both companies are owned by Troy Levy, one of the Silks’ co-founders. In terms of an investment vehicle, horse racing performs well in all market conditions, including recessions, and can be a hedge during those bad times, like the 2022 macroeconomic downturn. As of this writing, horse racing has set a record year in sales. Horse prizes and the size of prize pools at races. Silks are also having a good year, as seen recently on Cointelegraph when they secured $2 million in seed-round funding from crypto VCs to bring the Metaverse horse racing experience to the masses.


Tamadoge wants to be the next dogecoin and more than just a meme coin: part of his roadmap is to develop an augmented reality (AR) metaverse game in which players groom their pets, NFTs of the doge meme. Before this phase, it will take the form of an NFT game where players’ NFT Doges will battle after being imprinted, trained, and fed to top the leaderboards and earn rewards in the form of Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens. This P2E utility is something Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were missing: Tamadoge’s motto is that it will “become the game to earn Dogecoin.” Its native TAMA token is also in the beta sale and is shaping up to be one of the most promising early crypto sales of 2022. Tamadoge is an ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to ETH, early investors can buy TAMA with Tether or fiat currencies with a bank card on the project’s website,

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform, and the name of its native token with the symbol BLOCK. In May 2022, the Lucky Block project team awarded $2 million in prizes, half to a holder of one of their NFT collections – the Platinum Rollers Club – and the other half to a participant in their jackpot draw. This raffle is a decentralized prize pool with more transparency and better odds for players to win than traditional games of the same format. Lucky Block website with a chance to win a Lamborghini sports car, plus another $1 million giveaway paid in Bitcoin. The Lucky Blocks V1 token runs on the Binance Smart chain, and its V2 token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain – it is used more for trading and speculation on centralized exchange platforms (CEX). In contrast, the V1 token included is DEX as PancakeSwap.

Why Invest in Blockchain Games?

We cover the latest industry report from DappRadar, which found that blockchain gaming platforms and associated utility tokens weathered the 2022 bear market storm better than other crypto assets like Defi coins. Remained high in crypto gaming, surpassing 2021 levels by 33% in 2022, and expected to hit $12 billion by the end of the year. Big traditional video game makers like Sony, the creators of PlayStation, are also taking notice, investing $1 billion in Epic Games, the major US video game developers. The latter created Fortnite to build a metaverse. Only Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) increased its investments in Web3 games to $7.6 billion in 2022, even as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most altcoins are in a downtrend.

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