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This Promising Wireless Tech Could Help Power the Future Metaverse

This Promising Wireless Tech Could Help Power the Future Metaverse

LAS VEGAS – Bringing the metaverse to everyday life will require something more outlandish than today’s virtual reality (VR) headset. While the dream is that devices resembling ordinary-looking glasses will enable an always-on digital experience, the harsh reality is that power-hungry processors and heavy batteries require notably bulky or degraded features. Ixana, a relatively new company, believes it has found a way to build a new generation of personal devices that are far more energy-efficient than today’s headphones and will unveil a developer platform at CES 2023 to help others start building apps. Let’s start with technology. At the core of Ixana’s innovation is a new way of transmitting information: through the human body.

Ixana wants you to envision this connection with video, virtual, augmented reality, and more. Think of everything from your smartwatch to your sunglasses, constantly talking to each other without using a radio. This video crazily shows the idea. There are specific problems that Wi-R technology needs help to solve. The bulk associated with some wearable tech isn’t just due to batteries and processors: screens and haptics are power-hungry, and you can only place the battery elsewhere on your body.

It would help if you also considered all security aspects of an entity’s data transmission. There is an endless debate as to whether cell phone radiation is harmful. Should Wi-R ever catch on, it will undoubtedly raise its skeptics. Sen is realistic about the hurdles ahead, conservatively predicting that it will take 2-4 years for the technology to appear in a consumer device and 4-5 years for smartphones to adopt it. One more time, in case you notice. 

However, the $999 developer kit moves it beyond a proof of concept, and Sen claims the company has backing from some major players, including Samsung. With widespread Wi-R adoption, the future of the metaverse may look very different from what it does now, and the idea of developing powerful augmented-reality eyeglasses — a long-held dream of the tech industry — may finally begin to take shape.

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