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The Web3 community responds to the Turkish–Syrian earthquake tragedy

The Web3 community responds to the Turkish–Syrian earthquake tragedy

On February 6, a large earthquake struck southern Turkey near the border with Syria, killing almost 5,000 people. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale, which is classified as a “significant” earthquake internationally, and occurred along 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the fault line. 

The area’s infrastructure was severely damaged, culminating in a fatal cross-border humanitarian tragedy. 

However, the rest of the world was quick to react. People have been raising cash for local and international assistance organisations to provide help to victims in the impacted areas across the internet and various social media platforms. 

AFAD Turkiye, the government agency for such calamities, and the NGO Ahbap, led by philanthropist Haluk Levent, have been at the forefront of organising an influx of relief. 

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Levent said that his group has set up crypto addresses to take donations in several digital currencies. 

Various companies in the Web3 ecosystem have stepped forward to help, whether in the form of crypto or fiat donations or even actual aid. 

Bitget, a cryptocurrency derivatives dealer, pledged 1 million Turkish liras ($53,000), while Bitfinex, Keet, Synonym, and Tether pledged 5 million liras ($265,500), and Gateio pledged 1 million liras ($53,000). 

Bitci, a local Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, dispatched an aid truck to the earthquake area and announced that all commission money for the month of February would be donated to Ahbap on behalf of the Kahramanmaraş-centered disaster. Icrypex announced collaborations with AFAD and Ahbap.

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In addition to providing 6 million liras ($318,000) to the Ahbap and Akut groups, BtcTurk said it provided 1.2 million liras ($62,000) in clothing relief to the zone in collaboration with local governments. 

Both the Turkish branches of ByBit and OKX have pledged $100,000 and one million liras ($53,000) in aid, respectively. 

The co-founder and chief operating officer, on his efforts with The Sandbox Turkey will provide on-the-ground support for local communities. 

“Today, our thoughts are with the Turkish people. “We are working with suitable non-governmental groups to establish a relief fund and support earthquake-affected areas in collaboration with The Sandbox creator community in Turkey”.

He stated that they, along with The Sandbox Turkey, have helped fill a truck with emergency supplies for the casualties and individuals affected and are looking into opportunities for longer-term assistance.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have also been proposed as a means of raising funds for the tragedy.

Turkish NFT artist Pak tweeted about an ETH gift to Ahbap as well as plans for long-term support of the NFT effort.’s plan also included launching an NFT Help project in the near future for extra support.

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