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The Luminos Graha Group and Geneva Capital Singapore have formed the Luminos Mining Protocol in collaboration.

Luminos Graha Group

About Luminos Graha Group

Luminos Graha Group has been in the Nickel Mining Industry for more than 20 years, with 8 mining concession and Nickel Mines.

We adopt real business application approach using blockchain technology in building our own native ecosystem that is fundamentally supported by offline mining work.

Luminos Graha Indonesia

PT Luminos Graha has been highly involved in expanding its business into Central Sulawesi ,Indonesia, a area that has plenty of potential in mining, fishing and agricultural in the past few year.

Finally, early this year we finally managed to sign a joint venture contract with the local government owned enterprise to develop various projects.

Luminos Graha Indonesia is the founding company behind Luminos Mining Protocol with its expertise on Mining and various industries.

Luminos Graha Indonesia together with its team aims to develop a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that links traditional commodity production to distributions with blockchain and smart contracts.

Other Luminos Graha Indonesia Projects

Luminos Graha Indonesia has also been involved in many other profitable projects in central Sulawesi region, including Agriculture, Fishery , and Mining of other minerals.

These projects are also looking to evolve through blockchain technology and go into tokenisation of its products.

LUMI Swap offers a platform for these project to start on its initial fair launch, and give LUMI token holder options to do yield farming of tokens that are issued by Luminos Graha Indonesia in other industries under its group.

About Geneva Group:

Geneva Capital operates out of several countries across the firm’s four offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

With over three decades of combined financial services experience, Our team’s expertise spans chartered accounting, equity research, equity sales as well as investment banking, capital markets analysis and more.

Luminos Mining Protocol

An Initiative by Luminos Graha Group, to Create a Bridge between the DeFi System and Offline Businesses With Real World Applications and Solve Real World Problems.

Luminos Mining Protocol is a join development by Luminos Graha Group and Geneva Capital Singapore.

  • Managing production process
  • Smoothen Supply Chain
  • 3rd party management
  • DeFi Ecosystem and Offline Business integration

Collaboration Between Luminos Graha Group & Geneva Group:

Luminos Graha group and Geneva Group has formed the Luminos Mining Protocol. Luminos Mining was developed as an alternative solution to the problems faced by the mining industry. Luminos leverages blockchain technology to provide solutions to the problems of the supply chain, transaction transparency, sustainability, and quality and ore provenance. With Indonesia being the world’s highest producer of Nickel, Luminos aims to preserve the country’s title by also incorporating sustainable mining practices through the application of blockchain verified environmentally friendly technologies. While the environmental effect of mining could be disastrous, Luminos implements certain waste processing techniques and wastewater treatment facilities to ensure that liquid waste meets quality standards before it is returned to the bodies of water. Much more, a controlled emission is implemented to ensure that air quality is maintained.

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