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The Best Investing Apps for European

The Best Investing Apps for European

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, there’s an overwhelming amount of trading apps for us Europeans readily available at our fingertips. But browsing through them all for the perfect mobile brokerage will only leave you more confused than when you started — and with no space left on your device.

Finding the best trading app in Europe can be a tall order. So to save you the agony of deciding where to begin, I tried narrowing down the playing field by reviewing and testing the most popular trading apps in Europe for you.

I’ve looked at the top European mobile brokerage services for casual, long-term investors, and hobby traders and compared them for user experience, price, charting, markets, and more. I then selected what I believe are the best trading apps in Europe for beginners and advanced traders.

These are the best trading apps in Europe

Based on years of research, here are my top picks for the best trading apps in Europe:

eToro – Best app for commission-free stocks and ETFs. eToro offers zero-commission stock and ETF trades, a well-rounded mobile platform, one-click copy trading, and many years of market experience.

XTB – Best app for day trading and crypto CFDs. XTB’s mobile platform stands out as the top choice for day traders with industry-leading technology and access to over 1,500 CFDs at your fingertips.

DEGIRO – Best app stocks and ETFs. German-Dutch DEGIRO impresses with market-leading discount fees on equity investments, access to 30 international exchanges, and commission-free monthly ETF trades.

Interactive Brokers – Best app for trust and range of products. IB combines 40 years of history, thousands of products, and an all-around great user experience, all into one powerful trading app. For sophisticated investors and traders, IB is a clear winner.

Coinbase – Best app for trading cryptocurrencies. Coinbase offers the leading mobile app for trading cryptocurrencies. For crypto-beginners and those looking for a reputable and safe crypto broker, Coinbase is the number one choice.

These brokers deliver the best mobile experience, as they are easy to use, have a clean design, and come with great tools for executing trades and keeping an eye on the markets.

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