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Solana CEO Hoses Down Claims Network Outages Caused by On-Chain Voting

Solana CEO Hoses Down Claims Network Outages Caused by On-Chain Voting

Solana, a high-performance blockchain network, recently experienced network outages, which led to many users voicing their concerns on social media. Some claimed that the outages were caused by on-chain voting, a feature that allows the network’s token holders to vote on governance proposals. However, Solana’s CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, has since addressed these claims, stating that on-chain voting was not the root cause of the network’s issues.

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What is On-Chain Voting?

On-chain voting is a feature that enables blockchain networks to facilitate democratic decision-making processes. It allows token holders to vote on proposals that can impact the network’s governance, such as protocol upgrades or changes to network parameters. These proposals are executed through smart contracts, which are self-executing computer programs that are stored on the blockchain.

Solana’s Recent Network Outages

In December 2021, Solana experienced a series of network outages that lasted for several hours. This caused many users to question the network’s reliability and stability. Some speculated that on-chain voting was the cause of the outages, as a high volume of voting activity could potentially overload the network’s infrastructure.

Solana CEO Addresses Claims

In a recent blog post, Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko addressed the claims that on-chain voting caused the network outages. He stated that while on-chain voting did contribute to the network’s congestion, it was not the root cause of the outages. According to Yakovenko, the root cause was a combination of factors, including a bug in the network’s transaction processing system and a surge in transaction volume.

Yakovenko also outlined the steps that Solana is taking to prevent similar outages from occurring in the future. These steps include improving the network’s monitoring and alerting systems, enhancing the network’s transaction processing capabilities, and increasing the number of validators on the network.


Solana’s recent network outages have raised questions about the reliability and scalability of blockchain networks. While on-chain voting has the potential to contribute to network congestion, it is not necessarily the root cause of network outages. Solana’s CEO has acknowledged the network’s issues and outlined a plan to address them, which should provide reassurance to users and developers alike. As blockchain networks continue to evolve and mature, it is likely that we will see more improvements and innovations that will enhance their reliability and scalability.

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