Scammers use Queen’s death to trick people into crypto and NFT schemes

Scammers use Queen’s death to trick people into crypto and NFT schemes

Security experts have warned that scammers are using the Queen’s death to trick people with cryptocurrencies and NFT schemes.” These websites are new and may not be secure, so any crypto wallet data that users enter could be at risk if the website’s database is leaked. Unsuspecting users are not protected in any way, even on websites where they are commemorative coins or t-shirts. The user is not redirected to a special secure page during payment, which means card details, addresses, and usernames could be stolen if the database is compromised.

“The death of Queen Elizabeth II shook the world and resonated in the hearts of millions. Many users try to buy a commemorative product or token with her image to pay tribute to Her Majesty. However, the sites offering such products are mostly created hastily by people who don’t even think about their security,” says Olga Svistunova, Kaspersky security expert.

“When shopping on such sites, remember that many are not secure, and data entered on such sites are likely to be leaked. So, remember to use a strong and secure solution to protect yourself. Also, decide to only buy from trusted stores and be suspicious of extremely low product prices – cybercriminals can use this as bait to get your payment details. The UK’s National Cyber ​​​​​​Security Center has also warned against fraud during the mourning period, as there may be a surge in phishing emails trying to steal personal information via malicious links.

“Criminals may try to take advantage of Her Majesty the Queen’s passing for their gain, as is the case with all significant events. While as usual, the NCSC, which is part of the GCHQ, has yet to see extensive evidence of this. You should be aware that this is possible and be on the lookout for emails, text messages, and other communications relating to Her Majesty the Queen’s death and funeral arrangements.

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