Tech giant Samsung announced it will utilize blockchain technology to upgrade security protocols for all of its smart devices.

Knox Matrix is its new blockchain-based security solution for “cross-device experiences.” This means the security layer covers all Samsung devices, from smartphones to home appliances, within the network.

Samsung says Knox Matrix will work as an individual’s “own private blockchain system,” with all of one’s interconnected devices equipped with the blockchain multi-layered monitoring. This includes electronics such as smartphones but also smart TVs and air conditioners.

The new security upgrade is intended to protect users from exploits of their credentials, while simultaneously making logins more simple.

According to the announcement, all Samsung devices will utilize Knox Matrix and receive a unified SDK, whether they are based on Android, Tizen or another OS.

This comes alongside the company’s announcement of its new collaboration with Google to improve multi-smart device experiences in the home.

Samsung has been active in expanding its footprint in the Web3 space.

A blog post from Blockdata on Aug. 16 revealed the company has  the most active investor in blockchain-related ventures since September 2021. According to the post, Samsung participated in 13 funding rounds within the industry after a nine-month period.

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It has recently backed an upcoming Web3 gaming studio, along with Samsung’s Asset Management division launching a blockchain exchange-traded fund in Hong Kong.

The managing director of Samsung Next also spoke out on the importance of building and investing in the Web3 space at this time.

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