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Rarible Takes its Marketplace Builder to the Polygon Network

Rarible Takes its Marketplace Builder to the Polygon Network

The Rarible NFT marketplace’s ‘builder’ function, which allows users to design custom digital storefronts to fit their collections, is one of its most distinctive features. This popular function is now available to even more people, as Rarible has announced that those who mint their assets on the Polygon blockchain can now participate. In addition, users can list their assets hosted on other markets.

Details About the Development 

This announcement was made on January 18, 2023, and according to co-founder Alexander Salnikov, the move was reasonable. The marketplace has positioned itself as the go-to for web2 firms wishing to make the transition to web3, and in order to do so, it will need to provide its consumers with as much access as possible.

This move makes perfect sense given Polygon’s status as a hot blockchain, drawing the likes of the DeGods NFT collection.

“We believe in Polygon. “We’re optimistic about creators who want to take control of their assets and the contract,” he stated.

As a result, Rarible users will be able to experience personalised shops while purchasing their valuable Polygon assets in the future, making this a win-win situation for everyone.


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