Polygon powers new Indian police complaints portal

Polygon powers new Indian police complaints portal

Polygon powers new Indian police complaints portal

Police authorities created policecomplaintonblockchain.in to make it easier for residents to report crimes. Firozabad is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The portal allows users to register complaints in an immutable and transparent manner. This means that registered complaints cannot be deleted or edited.

The modular blockchains on Polygon are specialized blockchain networks that focus on just a few functions and offload the rest to other layers. is a personalized portal of Firozabad Police (Uttar Pradesh Police) for complaint resolution? Complaints can be submitted anywhere and end up at the appropriate stations where the complaints prevail. This website also has more information regarding the portal, including the complaints filing process., the characteristics and how the authorities would act in the face of the complaints lodged. All police stations in the area have a special QR code that users can scan to access the form and submit their complaints.

Meanwhile, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal and an Indian national expressed their enthusiasm for the move. According to them, the move will help curb corruption in India’s criminal justice system and help victims seek justice.

Polygon in India

Earlier this year, the Maharashtra state government partnered with LegitDoc to issue caste certificates to residents of Temporadalli village via the Polygon blockchain. The plan calls for the state government to issue 65,000 caste certificates to provide government aid and benefits to those in need. In addition, Polygon recently announced that it will work with Infosys Consulting to launch M-Setu, an open-source bridge that allows businesses to interact with Ethereum (ETH).

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