Play to Earn with Calvaria – The Next Big Thing in Crypto Gaming?

Play to Earn with Calvaria – The Next Big Thing in Crypto Gaming?

Before the blockchain era, gamers spent a lot of time playing franchise games, and the only reward for countless hours was excitement and adventure. However, the blockchain space is quickly introducing a system where players can earn revenue from playing games which they interact with. Even more exciting is that the players own 100% of all in-game assets they create by playing the game. 

What Is Calvaria?

In the online strategy game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, players can compete in competitions by using cards that represent various game characters. Every card is a non-fungible token (NFT) with unique attributes. Players must put together the best deck of cards to compete with one another. To do this, players employ complex strategies and tactics to earn rewards and various upgrades. The winner will then be rewarded with an eRIA.

Players will have complete control over their in-game assets thanks to the blockchain game’s design. Playing games or participating in other platform activities will earn you these assets. Players can generate passive income on Calvaria’s NFT market by selling these in-game assets.

Calvaria Is on a Mission

The crypto space is still in its beginning as more users enters the ecosystem. However, the ecosystem’s swift development and user engagement speed are slow. This is due to the need for more user-centric projects and the complexity of the technology itself. To speed up this process, the Calvaria team set out to create a game in which each player becomes a pseudo-cryptocurrency ambassador. This is done through its numerous game modes that attract both cryptocurrency-loving players and + passive players.

Calvaria game is divided into Free-to-Play (F2P) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) modes. Both give players access to Calvaria’s features with one key difference; F2P players do not earn RIA currency in-game. They can also participate in seasonal tournaments, improve their in-game assets and get scholarships.

P2E mode has more features still. Players can easily compile the best deck and offer it for sale to others because every card is an NFT. These cards significantly increase players’ winnings thanks to their rare and distinctive qualities. Potential. Additionally, these cards can be sold on the NFT marketplace of Calvaria. And the best part is that the first owner gets a specific royalty. This is a great way to create passive income by playing blockchain-based games.

In addition, players can upgrade their maps with NFT technology, receive scholarships and advertising opportunities, open mysterious loot boxes, and much more.

RIA’s Potential

As more projects are released, in-game currencies will become a norm in the blockchain gaming landscape. However, RIA is a little different from the pack. First, it powers the entire online strategy game, which means that every transaction is executed with it, and players are rewarded with the token simultaneously. However, it provides its owners with yet another opportunity for passive income. In the project launched, RIA token holders can subsequently stake their digital assets and earn more than them.

RIA’s Fascinating Presale Round

The Calvaria team currently develops the game and is in the pre-order phase. The team has generated more than $2.59 million in investments. This shows the keen interest in the project and growing belief in its ability to take off in the coming months.

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