Our main goal is to create a metaverse with a series of utilities that mirrors our real world financial system” says Idea Factory CEO William Wang.

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Meta Shiba ($ MSHIBA) is here to bring the best of all the world to one place, the Metaverse. $ MSHIBA is launched on the Ethereum network (ERC20 token). $ MSHIBA is not an ordinary dog. This token spans various galaxies.  Captain Shiba, Saiyan Shiba, Joker Shiba, etc were held. These legendary dogs are here to give you the power of the Metaverse.


With the eruption of doge tokens, we have a tendency to are but to imagine doge tokens with utility. This can be wherever Meta Shiba comes in. Meta Shiba is here to revolutionize the doge world by bridging the gaps within the metaverse and making utility.


MetaSwap is that the native suburbanized exchange of the Meta Shiba project. This easy-to-use platform is going to be a straightforward means for newcomers to shop for $MSHIBA employing a multitude of wallets and therefore the ability to shop for alternative tokens on the platform.

With future developments, users are going to be ready to get $MSHIBA directly from third parties victimizing differing types of payments. Not solely can users be ready to read freshly listed tokens, however, they’ll even be ready to see the highest Gainers within the last fifteen min, one-time unit and twenty-four hrs, giving users a bonus to be the primary to take a position within the freshly listed tokens.


MetaTrade could be a charting system that brings data updates to live and permits Meta Shiba users to execute their cryptocurrency orders at a doge-fast speed. Users are going to be ready to read their charts on the Dapp and through integration with MetaSwap, are going to be ready to purchase cryptocurrencies instantly.


Earn nice treats by staking your $MSHIBA. Holders of $MSHIBA can stake their MSHIBA in staking pools whereby they’re going to be rewarded with high APY. they will additionally act as liquidity suppliers and be rewarded supported by the number of disc tokens that they hold.


The meta billfold could be a revolutionized billfold that will enable justice lovers to hold their tokens. This billfold can ab initio be functionable among the Meta Shiba scheme however with future development is going to be on the market to be used across multiple platforms.

Meta NFTs:

Hold on to your justice whereas within the Metaverse. $MSHIBA can offer justice lovers the flexibility to hold their Meta Shiba throughout their journey. Holders of MSHIBA NFTs can have the flexibility to call their meta Shiba, groom them and feed them to earn treats ($MSHIBA and NFTs). Accessories and Meta food are going to be on the market purchasable within the Meta Shiba shop. Holders of MSHIBA NFTs are going to be ready to use these to groom and feed their justice. the higher tidy and fed they’re, a lot of rewards the Meta Shibas are going to be ready to fetch.

Meta Merch:

$MSHIBA brings real-goodsfullglobal utilities via means of allowing humans to buy products from the distinctive meta Shiba shop. Goods may be buy victimized $MSHIBA.

Meta Foundation:

Meta Shibas like to unfold love, be it within the metaverse or the physical world. The Meta Shiba Foundation is going to be donating frequently to dog shelters to assist offer a far better world for our comrades.

Meta Shiba NFT Game:

The multiplayer mode of the Meta Shiba game could be a Play-To-Earn NFT-Based game. The player should purchase a Meta Shiba NFT character and use this character within the multiplayer game. Play-To Earn minigames among the sport can enable holders to extend their in-game holding quantity that successively may be reborn to $MSHIBA.

The sport can incorporate multiple options like player vs player wherever players will use their Meta Shiba NFT against alternative players. The attributes area unit supported the rarity of the NFT that area unit outlined within the information of every NFT.

Alternative options among the sport can embody the necessity to complete daily tasks amongst others. The Meta Shiba NFT platform can enable users to visualize the strength level of their Meta Shiba with completely different|completely different} traits that deliver different powers. With a restricted quantity of Meta Shiba NFTs, Meta Shibas can become scarce once the in-game and on-market mercantilism begins.

Meta Shiba (MSHIBA) Price Prediction

According to the most recent data gathered, this value of Meta Shiba is $ 0.000000001485 and MSHIBA is presently stratified # within the entire cryptosystem. The circulation offer of Meta Shiba is zero with a market cap of $2930070.77.


As we know that the prices of almost all cryptocurrencies are highly liquid. They change in a matter of hours or minutes in some cases. The same is with Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA). As of today, 15th of November, 2021, the live price of Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) is USD 1.44e-9. And the 24-hour trading volume of this price is USD 25,554.86. And also, as of this day, the price of Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) has dropped by 18.89% in the last 24 hours.

Among all the other cryptocurrencies, the rank of Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) is #5251 in the live market, and it has a cap of not available. The circulating supply is also not available, which means that 2,000,000,000,000,000 coins of Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) are already circulating, which is the good  supply of Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) coins.

Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) is not an ordinary doge. If you have visited their website, you have already noticed that their goal is to provide the “Metaverse” to their coin holders. By “Metaverse,” they mean the best of all worlds in one place. Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) was launched on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 token). This token has come from far away galaxies to give its token holders “Metaverse.” Captain Shiba, Saiyan Shiba, Joker Shiba, and the team decided who was worthy of this magical token of power. All of these legendary characters have come to this earth to give you the best of all worlds in one place.

Meta Shiba Listed On

  • Hotbit
  • Coingecko
  • Coinmarketcap
  • Uniswap

Visit Meta Shiba Official Website : www.mshiba.finance

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