Opera Crypto Browser Rolls out Support For Metamask And Other Web3 Wallets

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  • Opera Crypto Browser now supports third-party wallets.
  • Integration for Ethereum wallet Metamask among others was announced this week.
  • The move could be strategic as Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake is expected to ship before September 20.
  • Adding support for wallets like Metamask could Opera Browser’s utility and tap into the hype surrounding the merge.

Opera Crypto Browser has added support for crypto wallets like Metamask ahead of the merge via a feature dubbed Wallet Selector. The tech giant announced the news on Monday via a tweet as the company looks to bolster web3 utility on its browser application.

The Oslo-based Opera released its beta crypto browser back in January 2022 to match growing interest in web3-enabled browsers and tap into the digital asset ecosystem. Until this week, Opera’s web3 browser only supported a non-custodial crypto wallet built by the company.

Indeed, the latest integration brings third-party digital wallets into the fold for users via the so-called wallet selector. The feature would allow browser users to install extensions for their preferred crypto wallets like Metamask.

For Opera, this bolsters web3 utility for its browser, adding to features like decentralized app (Dapp) interaction and Crypto Corner, a news hub that offers exposure to the latest happenings in cryptocurrency.

Opera Crypto Browser Taps Merge Hype With Latest Wallet Feature

Notably, support for wallets like MetaMask comes on the same week as the merge, Ethereum’s proof-of-stake upgrade. Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, Susie Batt, said that “the merge is the most important technological update” in crypto’s history and Opera Crypto Browser “is the only browser truly ready for this shift…”.

Indeed, the hype surrounding the merge could trickle down to the dedicated crypto browser, especially with the wallet selector feature.

Wallets like Metamask have become synonymous with the Ethereum network and crypto proponents who prefer self-management of their private keys.

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