OpenSea Co-Founder Alex Atallah Sets to Leave Company by the End of July

OpenSea Co-Founder Alex Atallah Sets to Leave Company by the End of July

Alex Atallah, one of the co-founders of OpenSea of the largest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace in the Web3.0 ecosystem, has announced he will be leaving the company as an active manager by the end of July.

Atallah who alongside CEO, Devin Finzer built OpenSea back in 2017 has been a very crucial part of the company’s progress, having played a wide range of roles, including community and marketing, Product development, and the likes.

While he has fixed a July 30 deadline as his last day, Atallah said he is confident in the leaders that the company has onboarded to take over all of the functions he was overseeing prior to this time. Attalah affirmed that he trusts new leaders, such as Ryan Foutty who took over business development and partnerships and Whitney Steele who took over marketing amongst others, noting that while they started off on the right footing, he is excited about their plans for the future.

OpenSea started with just about 100 collections back in March 2018 with the firm recording just about $500,000 in transaction volume. At present, the marketplace has millions of collections listed, and as of January this year, it recorded a $3.5 billion monthly Ethereum (ETH) trading volume as reported by Blockchain.News.

While OpenSea has had its fair share of legal woes, the firm has not stopped seeing massive traction in its rate of onboarding new users. At a time this year, the firm went on a hiring run to relieve its overwhelmed engineers. The company raised $300 million earlier this year to raise its valuation to $13.3 billion.

Despite his departure from the active role in the outfit, Attalah confirmed that as a part of the board, he would still be contributing to the progress of the firm as a member of the board. Post-OpenSea, Attalah said he will focus on his passion which is to build something from 0 to 1.

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