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OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app for iOS, Android coming ‘soon’

OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app

­OpenAI has released the official version of their AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT on the Apple App Store, with the promise of an Android version “soon.”

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ChatGPT and developments in artificial intelligence have piqued the curiosity of the crypto community, with some already leveraging the embryonic technology to build wholly new coins.

What is Google’s Bard, and how does it work?
ChatGPT app screenshots on the App Store. Source: Apple

The ChatGPT app, according to a May 18 announcement, syncs user chat history with its web version and supports voice input via OpenAI’s speech recognition engine Whisper.

According to OpenAI, the software is already available for iPhone and iPad users in the United States and will be available in additional countries “in the coming weeks.”

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As the AI adoption competition continues, a percentage of Apple’s 2 billion active devices would gain access to OpenAI’s chatbot software through a full global rollout.

For months, AI aficionados have been attempting to use ChatGPT’s features on their mobile devices, with many resorting to a variety of quite sophisticated hacks in order to combine the chatbot with the iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri.

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So far, using Microsoft’s Bing app, which provides access to the company’s GPT-4-powered chatbot, has been one of the simplest methods to utilize OpenAI’s software on a mobile device. Google’s newly introduced Bard, which is now ChatGPT’s main competition, has yet to be published as a mobile app version.

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