OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop

OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop

Crypto On June 2, users flooded Twitter with warnings when Mira Murati’s Twitter account, the chief technical officer of artificial intelligence firm OpenAI, appeared to have been hacked to promote a “scam” bitcoin airdrop.

On June 2, Murati’s account tweeted what appeared to be a phishing link promising an airdrop of a phoney ERC-20 token called OPENAI, after the company that produced ChatGPT.

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Murati has 126,200 Twitter followers and a verified account on the platform. Before it was deleted, the message had been seen 79,600 times and retweeted 83 times in under an hour.

OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop Forks Daily
Murati’s tweet promoted the airdrop of an ERC-20 token and linked to what appears to be a phishing website. Source: Twitter

Because the tweet’s creator limited who could comment, others were unable to easily tell the link was a hoax.

Some witter users believe Murati was the victim of a SIM-swapping scam.

The website posted in the tweet is clever, and it appears to have completely cloned the layout and site design of a real initiative called ChainGPT, with a few minor changes – most notably, the request to connect a crypto wallet.

OpenAI CTO’s Twitter hacked, shilling ‘scam’ crypto airdrop Forks Daily
The suspected phishing website (right) is similar to ChainGPT’s website (left).

According to a security researcher from blockchain security firm Beosin, the site employs a widely available crypto wallet draining kit that “lures visitors into signing requests.”

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“Once the request is signed, the attacker will transfer NFTs and ERC-20 tokens out of the victim’s wallet,” explained Beosin’s researcher.

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