NFTs are the key to turning passive fandom into an active community

NFTs are the key to turning passive fandom into an active community

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) give Web3 communities the tools to transform user engagement. The Web3 world has seen NFTs grow. These digital assets have evolved from hype-focused digital art collections to utility-driven tools that are building the next generation. From the Internet. One of the most important uses of NFTs is that they are increasingly being used as keys to future communities, both digital and physical. This also applies to existing communities, regardless of whether they are fan clubs in sports and music or old brands.

These incentivized digital assets can transform passive fandoms into active communities where members own and delegate activities in a vibrant ecosystem.

The Inbetweeners project is amid this phenomenon that was born in Web3. It combines digital art by artist Gian Piero. He designed Justin Bieber’s iconic Brewhouse clothing line and served as a key to real-world events like a VIP party at the Coachella music festival. Fans of the artist and well-known personalities involved in the project are now being exposed to a new cosmos created by NFTs, as with many other similar projects in space. Cointelegraph spoke to inBetweeners co-founder and community manager Ogden and Miana Lauren about building communities through NFT and the purpose it gives to fans.

Ogden commented that Miana started as a fan of the collection and, through the engagement that was possible through NFT, was able to take that fandom to another level. ” We trusted her because we could see how fervently she felt,” he stated. Miana said that starting as an initiator and supporter of the project has enriched her current role as part of the core team. Starting from the community, she said it’s easier to understand the core needs of backers than community managers.NFTs are often the gateway for many newcomers to participate in the Web3 space, just like other ways, like playing Blockchain games to win. 

However, as Miana pointed out, it’s all a huge learning curve right now, especially for first-timers in space. “Once we get past that obstacle, we’ll be able to see how effective these three web solutions are and how easily everyone can incorporate them into their daily life. This is already the case in many large industries around the world. World, such as B. The music industry is increasingly using NFTs to turn viewers into communities.

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