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Meta plans to launch a consumer-grade virtual reality headset next year

Meta plans to launch a consumer-grade virtual reality headset next year

Meta has announced plans to launch another consumer VR headset next year. Infusing virtual objects into the physical environment of the user.” Our goal for the Quest Pro series in the years to come is to empower more and more people to do their jobs in virtual and mixed reality even better than they could do it on the PC, Zuckerberg said.

“I believe that our work will be of historical importance and will lay the foundation for a whole new way in which we interact with each other and combine technologies in our lives, as well as the basis for the long-term future of our lives Zuckerberg believes, that more excellent prioritization, discipline, and efficiency will help navigate today’s environment and become an even better company. Zuckerberg recently unveiled the Meta Quest Pro VR headset in the presence of the company’s President and CEO, Satya. 

 Nadella is packed with full-colour mixed reality features and priced at $1,500.

“Meta Quest Pro was the first in a new line of advanced headsets designed to expand the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality. Its pancake-style lenses bend light multiple times, reducing viewer size and showing images more clearly.”. Zuckerberg said at Tuesday night’s Meta Connect event.

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