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Meta Factory By William Wang Is Making Waves In Different Industries

2 Meta Factory By William Wang Is Making Waves In Different Industries

William Wang:

Founder of William Development Group William graduated from the National University of Singapore and has extensive knowledge and experience in helping multiple enterprises with funding through Initial Coin Offerings. He consults with various companies across different industries.

William Wang believes in bringing innovation from imagination in the crypto market. With their online platforms, he and his team are here with the ideal creativity that meets the crypto technology revolutionizing the world of finance.

William Wang is Chief Adviser & CEO of William Development Group. He is graduated from the National University of Singapore and has extensive knowledge and experience in helping multiple enterprises with funding through Initial Coin Offerings.

William Development Group, developed by Mr. William, provides excellent services for the success of their clients. He has produced and led a team of experts committed to providing their customers with exceptional service while offering their employees the best training.

Meta factory:

He also founded Meta Factory, which was previously known as an Idea Factory. He spent several years in the financial industry before deciding to enter the blockchain world in order to incorporate blockchain technology into business solutions in order to boost efficiency and change the narrative in the financial world.

Meta Factory is very interested in the creation of decent raised money in the metaverse. A new virtual world banking system will emerge in the coming days, and it will be revolutionary.

They are now the builder of their own Metaverse World, and they are here to integrate Real World applications into the Virtual World.

Mr. William places a high value on the development of his Meta Factory, which is based on the Metaverse concept. “Metaverse is not simply a game,” he argues, “but a new way of banking and everyday life in the virtual world that will revolutionize the way we live in the real world.”

Mr. William is a foresightful man who forecasts future occurrences based on his expertise of the crypto sector. As a result, he has structured his offerings in such a way that they provide both a service and collaboration.

Meta Factory is here to help you start your own cryptocurrency. Whitepaper creation, website development, token generation, and marketing are all covered by Meta Factory. We don’t just assist you launch tokens; we also help you drive acceptance of your envisioned token. William Wang feels that the crypto sector may benefit from imagination-driven innovation. He and his crew are here with the right inventiveness that meets the crypto technology altering the world of money with their web platforms. He is now leading Arm Research’s work on non-volatile memory systems, with the goal of better understanding NVM use cases and their consequences for Arm architecture and systems.

Official Website of Meta Factory:

Mr. William Making waves in different industries:

Mr. William Wang making waves in different industries like Initial Coin Offering, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, Web Development, Press Release etc.

  • Meta Shiba:

Meta Shiba is a new approach to the cryptocurrency of 2021 that combines meme coin and Metaverse world with Defi applications. The coin is currently the 31st most prominent cryptocurrency in the crypto market.

Humans and dogs have a symbiotic relationship. As humans transition to the Metaverse, it is important not to discard their companions. Meta Shiba ($MSHIBA) is here to bring the best of all worlds in one place- the Metaverse. $MSHIBA is recently launched on the Ethereum network (ERC20- token) and on Pancakeswap (BEP20- token).

metashiba mshiba metashiba by william wang

The expert team of Meta Shiba has worked on numerous successful projects equipping them with the knowledge and experience to make a feat out of Meta Shiba. The experts aim to make the Metaverse a better world by introducing Meta Shiba and using DeFi technology.

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1QT) tokens are burnt

1% held by the Team

0.5% Redistribution

9% buy 12% sell for Marketing and Development 💻

50% tokens already burnt

0.5% burnt at regular burn event

Official Website of Meta Shiba:

What exactly Metaverse is? The metaverse is now characterized as a mix of virtual and/or augmented reality, as well as video, in which people can live in a virtual, programmed, and built environment that is separate from the reality while being inspired by it.

  • First Eleven($F11):

                                         F11 is a digital marketplace and platform for all football fans and stakeholders. Experience the best of the football world with the latest football news, live scores and fixtures whilst having access to the best NFT collections of your favorite football players and clubs. First 11 works on elevating your everyday experience as a football enthusiast – live scores, in-app games, F11 Fantasy Champions League and fan engagement through our digital marketplace.

$F11 is the native token of the First 11 app. It is launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. $F11 is not your regular fan token. It is a token that gives you the ability to become a legend by engaging into P2P games with the community, taking part in the F11 Champions league and earning voting rights in your favorite club through our launchpad.

The $F11 team consists of professional footballers, developers, marketers and community managers who have massive experience in the cryptocurrency and NFTs industry and in the football industry.

Firsteleven is ready to use it’s BSC bridge to conquer PCS Mechanical arm after its major success on Uniswap.

This is going to create greater adoption, and volume for this awesome project.

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1QT) tokens are burnt

5% held by the Team

10% held for influencers

0.5% Redistribution

6% Marketing and Development

50% tokens already burnt

0.5% burnt at regular burn event

Official Website of First Eleven:

Bottom Line:

Like any new technology, market, or process, it has taken some sifting through the rubble for the gems to emerge. A prospective buyer should carefully study the company, its product, and conduct sufficient due diligence themselves before purchasing tokens. With the rapid growth of token sales in the market, it’s easy to feel that we are in the midst of a bubble. Regulatory changes will determine whether token sales continue to flourish in the long run. However, a look beyond the headlines shows that token sales provide a viable mechanism for companies to build product ecosystems efficiently and sustainably. By creating a token that has inherent product utility, a company can secure a network of suppliers and buyers that is difficult to attain so rapidly by any other mechanism. This unique capability is an exciting new opportunity and value proposition for companies that is unmatched by any existing technology today.

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