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Mark, the Metaverse was not waiting for you

Mark, the Metaverse was not waiting for you

Metaverse is more than just that. It’s not just about purchasing physical or digital assets, either. An article about the potential and future of marketing in the Metaverse It would be a mistake to equate the Metaverse with the real world. Brands and advertisers should avoid this at all costs.

The company is attempting to sell us an ambitious future vision but currently needs to make the added value visible to us users. As a result, humans are slowly beginning to leave the Metaverse before it has even taken on a form suitable for the masses. I want to show you how the metaverse concept can already be seen today and may be seen in the future.

Technology is finally here

For the first steps into the Metaverse, a laptop and a reasonably strong internet connection are usually enough. But the experience only becomes truly immersive when you get a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest 2. When I installed the first “Oculus Rift” at the agency six years ago, studying computer science helped me. It took a few steps to get the device working. The time and effort I put into finally experiencing better graphics.

The disappointing roller coaster ride could have been spent at Heidepark. There was also no risk of the adrenaline-charged pleasure being interrupted by hastily unplugging a cable from the socket.

The current “Oculus Quest 2” can no longer be compared with this user experience. High-quality feel and ease of use are combined with simple installation and sophisticated software. The release of Apple Glass was anticipated, and Sony also recently unveiled new VR gear.

More than a digital image of our world

A great example of the potential of an immersive, experiential metaverse is the virtual island of Watopia in Zwift. The fee-based online platform offers more than two million people virtual running and cycling training. The gamification approach greatly impacts user motivation to get on a bike regularly. Of course, the right hardware is needed to start the interactive cycling experience. For example, the training adapts to the different changes in the terrain. In the virtual environment, you will need a compatible exercise bike or roller trainer, such as the “Wahoo Kickr Snap,” to install your road bike.

Mark, the Metaverse was not waiting for you Forks Daily

Zwift shows that a sophisticated edge can become a revenue stream and heralds the experiences that the Metaverse enables, giving you a comparable experience while separating you from geographic boundaries. With just one click, you can cycle on the Champs Elysees in glorious weather and ride your favorite routes on your racing bike, whether it’s raining outside, the sun is shining, or it’s snowing. If you want, you can take part in time measurements, compete with three hundred other athletes against real professional athletes, or train with the best coaches in the world.

Like an on-demand service that Netflix and Co. are used to, you’ll reach new levels as you ride and collect points to invest in new and better equipment. The marketing opportunities are enormous in such an environment. Brands could create experiences here in the Metaverse, from temporary events to exclusive meet-and-greet events.

Generation Metaverse

The conditions for the Metaverse to become a valuable part of our lives are in place: digitally enthusiastic teenage generations meet powerful technology and effective content. What does this mean for your brand’s communication? Brands must rethink their communication because more than banner ads and digital chocolate sales is needed. Instead, a brand must become part of the new experience or even create the experience itself. It does so by recognizing and exploiting the potential of the Metaverse from the start.

By not depicting the real world in the Metaverse but understanding it as a new space with new possibilities. By becoming part of the Metaverse generation.

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