Magic Eden Hires Chief Gaming Officer

Magic Eden Hires Chief Gaming Officer

Solana’s leading NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, announced that it had hired its first game director, Chris Akhavan. As Game Director, Akhavan will drive the growth of Magic Eden’s gaming partnerships and help improve the experiences for game developers and collectors on the platform. Before assuming this role, Akhavan was the commercial director of Forte. He also worked at Glu Mobile as Revenue Director. Electronic Arts acquired Glu in 2021 for $2.1 billion. In addition, he will continue to advise Game7, the $500 million decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Akhavan, also a gamer, believes it’s time the industry put ownership in the hands of gamers. He said, “Web3 technology is the perfect solution to enable game content ownership in a scalable and connected manner across a vast universe of games and player communities.

Chief Gaming Officer to Drive Web 3.0 Games Distribution

The new initiative comes after Magic Eden announced its integration with Polygon, the leading blockchain for Web 3.0 game development. Magic Eden COO Zhuoxun Yin noted that the company has been working to maximize the reach of its platform for gaming. Industry. “Our vision of driving Web 3.0 game distribution and revenue can now truly come to life with Chris’ guidance and guidance,” concluded Yin.

Akhavan also shared plans to work on Magic Eden’s gaming infrastructure and provide ramps for Web 2.0 games to introduce Web 3.0 asset ownership.

The Growth of Blockchain Games

A recent report by DappRadar and BGA suggests that blockchain gaming continues to drive Web 3 activity. Up to 48% of all Web 3.0 activity in Q3 was related to blockchain gaming. Gaming company despite the broader market route. In November, Web3 game studio Roboto Games raised $15 million.

Previously, UnCaged Studios raised $24 million in its Series A funding round. According to the DappRadarxBGA report, the Web3 gaming industry is still in its early stages and poised for further expansion. The report declared that “the future of blockchain gaming is bright, and it is on track to become the market leader of Web3.”

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