Luminos Mining Protocol: Everything You Need to Know

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Luminos mining protocol is a crypto project that was founded by an actual nickel mining operation in Indonesia. It keeps the track of mining work using blockchain tech. Luminos Mining Protocol has been working for the last 20 years and they have 8 mining concessions and Nickel Mines. They use blockchain technology in building their proficient native ecosystem to adopt a business application approach. This company is developed by Luminos Graha Group and Geneva Capital Singapore. They distinctively manage the process of production, smoothen the supply chain, and the management of the 3rd party.

What Is Lumi?

Luminos Mining was developed as an alternative solution to the problems faced by the mining industry. Luminos leverages blockchain technology to provide solutions to the problems of the supply chain, transaction transparency, sustainability, and quality and ore provenance. With Indonesia being the world’s highest producer of Nickel, Luminos aims to preserve the country’s title by also incorporating sustainable mining practices through the application of blockchain verified environmentally friendly technologies. While the environmental effect of mining could be disastrous, Luminos implements certain waste processing techniques and wastewater treatment facilities to ensure that liquid waste meets quality standards before it is returned to the bodies of water. Much more, a controlled emission is implemented to ensure that air quality is maintained.



Staking is a method to take benefit from crypto assets. Staking your cryptocurrency will give you high profits and will support a blockchain network. It is only available in proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. Lumi farm allows you to stake some of the reliable and proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. This is the worth-mentioning gain from the Lumi Farm that a member receives. The best part of staking is that it causes no loss of money as it works on the interest and yield principle.

Lumi is the primary factor of the luminous ecosystem which is based on the token system administered through click chains. It can be prominently used inside the system for gaining multiple gains and profits. Having a stack of Lumi opens the chances to get daily gains and profits from the ecosystem and other products and services.

20% Pool Share Flexible Sharing and 80% Pool share 1 year locked staking:

A stake pool is a platform or a pool that allows many stakeholders to join their assets or computational resources that will give them a chance to increase their profit amount. In simple words, they combine their staking powers, and in using this method they collectively gain more power. A common staking pool lasts for 5 days and the delegations are also recorded. You can gain high profits in crypto in staking. Lumi farm gives you an opportunity of 20% pool share flexible sharing and 80% of the pool share for 1 year of locked staking.

What makes the Lumi coin special?

Lumi coin will be in the center of utilities in the ecosystem. Mr. Andri, CEO of the Luminos Graha Group, had this to say in a recent interview. “I am very excited to bring forward the old operational mining model and adapt to a new way of mining that is better managed with greater transparency.

Mr. William, CTO of the Luminos mining protocol, has shared their plan in a recent interview. “WE plan to list Lumi coin on Coin Market Cap (CMC) next. We only makes announcements after everything comes true, we don’t want to over-promise on things”

CEO of the company, Andri, also shared that Luminos Mining Protocol has been developed to resolve the typical problems plaguing the nickel mining industry through incorporation of blockchain and smart contract applications into their mining operation.

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