Low-Cap Ethereum-Based Altcoin Goes on a 170% Run Following the Release of a New Roadmap

Low-Cap Ethereum-Based Altcoin Goes on a 170% Run Following the Release of a New Roadmap

An Ethereum-based small-cap altcoin is currently experiencing a parabolic rally because of the release of a new project roadmap by its developers. 

A project called Verasity (VRA) has its sights set on the non-fungible token (NFT), esports, gaming, and video-sharing industries. 

It employs a patented “Proof of View” system to address issues with video advertising and NFT fraud. Its ecosystem also includes a wallet called a VeraWallet, where users can use its native token VRA to take part in various blockchain-based tasks and activities. 

One of the top performers among the top 350 crypto assets by market cap at the time of writing, VRA has increased by 211% since the start of 2023.

Verasity published its updated roadmap on the 17th

The VeraViews project’s roadmap is said to be concentrated on business objectives for VeraViews, an open ledger advertising technology built around its “Proof of View” system, as well as the introduction of a brand-new payment card called VeraCard.

On the 21st, Verasity delivered the VeraCard as promised, giving users in the UK access to it soon after releasing a sneak peek of the card’s design.

You can read the complete Verasity road map here. After the roadmap was published, VRA experienced a rally that reached a high of 169.8% before declining.

VRA currently trades for $0.00677 and has a market cap of just $69 million as of the time of writing. The top 100 largest Ethereum whales bought the most VRA on January 21st, according to blockchain tracking service WhaleStats.

VRA was the fourth most purchased token among the investor cohort after stablecoins, Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), and Ethereum itself.

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