LandVault’s new protocol mints metaverse builds and experiences as NFTs

LandVault’s new protocol mints metaverse builds and experiences as NFTs
  • Matera will tokenize the Metaverse builds and convert them into a new asset class. 
  • Contributors earn tokens proportional to their contributions during the creation of an experience.

LandVault’s Metaverse creators plan to monetize Metaverse experiences by coining them as NFTs. Its new decentralized protocol Matera will bring metaverse builds (think virtual stores or stadiums) on-chain, giving developers new revenue, payment, and governance options.” Matera opens up a whole new marketplace for developers and investors to participate,” he told Sam Huber, CEO of LandVault, in this country they are not economy. From the Metaverse.

Matera will also provide governance of an on-chain experience. Contributors receive tokens proportional to their contribution during the creation of an experience. Token holders can also vote on proposals that affect the project’s development and decide how funds stored in the project treasury should be used. Payments earned by users in an experience go into the project fund and can be reinvested or shared among stakeholders.

Despite continued skepticism about the Metaverse, investment bank Citi estimates that the Metaverse could represent a $13 trillion opportunity by 2030. For example, land costs on popular platforms have been criticized for shutting out potential builders. Virtual land can cost thousands of dollars on blockchain platforms.

LandVault sees incentivizing protocols like Matera to encourage more builds. “Matera boosts the creator economy by enabling faster project construction and more liquidity, according to Huber. There are other ways LandVault helps creators. Either win in the Metaverse. In its current form, the company is the product of a merger between Metaverse creator LandVault and in-game advertising company Admix. Last month they teamed up with Decentral Games to introduce integrated advertising to their popular Decentraland-based flagship poker game.

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