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Lambda Labs Introduces An Artificial Intelligence Image Mixer

Lambda Labs Introduces An Artificial Intelligence Image Mixer

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The new Image Mixer generates high-resolution images.

When compared to other image-mixing software on the market, this new image mixer allows for far more control and customization. By adjusting the strength of each individual image, users can create unique blends that are both interesting and tailored to their specific needs. The mixer can also produce images with higher resolution than most other software. It is also suitable for use in business settings.

Lambda Labs allows users to upload images from URL

The Image Mixer, according to Lambda Labs, can be used to create “novel” images or simply updated versions of existing images. The user can upload the images or download them from a URL.

During training, the CLIP image embeddings were calculated using up to five randomly selected crops from the training images. These were then combined and used to condition the model. Image embeddings from different images can be combined to mix their concepts during inference. The text encoder can also be used to add text concepts.

The model was trained on a subset of LAION Improved Aesthetics at 640640 resolution using 8xA100 GPUs on Lambda GPU Cloud.

On the other hand, the image mixer is still in its early stages. It has a wide range of applications, including graphic design, advertising, and even medicine.

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