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Joe Rogan says FTX ‘funneled off like $10 billion while duping customers

Joe Rogan says FTX ‘funneled off like  billion while duping customers

American podcast host Joe Rogan has once again criticized former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), questioning his ability to run the now-collapsed cryptocurrency exchange. Rogan claimed that SBF misled most of the Exchange’s investors and implied that the Exchange’s founder didn’t take the company’s leadership seriously during a Podcast “Joe Rogan Experience” episode from November 29. The commenter agreed that SBF had a backdoor into FTX where it withdrew money from Exchange, resulting in a loss of more than $10 billion.

However, according to Feingold in his first-ever audio interview, SBF insisted that he didn’t have a backdoor to the system. He emphasized that he only interacted with the FTX exchange via its user interface.

Rogan on SBF duping investors 

Rogan further argued that SBF may have misled all its coins and did not have the funds to back them, resulting in losses. “That’s what would have happened if this guy hadn’t started a war with that other guy, right? This guy [Changpeng Zhao] threw away all his coins, sold them, and couldn’t cover it.

Rogan, a UFC commentator, also shared his views on SBF’s alleged drug abuse during the podcast, where he introduced comedian Kurt Metzger. According to Rogan, mixing drugs and work is not a recipe for success. He also questioned the status of SBF. to manage such an amount of money while referencing an online post titled “Biggest Crypto Crash Saw Guy to Play League of Legends While Attracting Investors.” So, I played this expletive game while talking to investors,” he said.

SBF denies wrongdoing

It’s worth noting that since the collapse of FTX, SBF has aired multiple interviews to try to sort out the situation amid an $11 billion class action lawsuit hanging over their heads. As reported by Finbold, Rogan had previously described FTX’s situation as “bizarre,” with SBF facing several allegations of possible wrongdoing. However, Bankman-Fried claimed that the collapse was due to the “massive correlation of things during free market movements.

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