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How to learn Web3 development for beginners

How to learn Web3 development for beginners

The idea of ​​Web3 has caught on among commercial web developers in recent years. Modern business models emphasize the importance of going beyond Web2 and discovering new ways to manage, organize and make sense of the vast amount of user-generated data. However, ideas about the current developments of the web are still confused and unclear. The Semantic Web is often associated with the concept of Web3 because business strategies and web developers have envisioned it. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1, originally proposed the idea in 1999. He saw the potential in enabling robots to “talk to each other” and understand and derive meanings from semantic data.

However, companies and computer scientists are developing more compact and portable applications that use crowdsourcing to arrange information online and, therefore, the interactive options of Web2. As a result, the demand for Web3 and blockchain developers (devs) is increasing within the cryptocurrency and metaverse markets. This article explains what skills you should learn for Web3, why Web3 development is so important, how to learn Web3 development and Web3 developer salaries.

What is Web3 development?

The world has transformed due to a chain of real-time technological advances. For example, the first computers were designed exclusively as pocket calculators; However, the commercialization of the Internet led to Web3 technologies like blockchain, which are all the rage today. Web3 development refers to the practice of building decentralized applications (DApps) that run on blockchains. In addition, cryptocurrencies are widely used in various decentralized finance (Defi). Logs. However, network participants who want to participate in the development, execution, contribution, or improvement of Defi projects will be rewarded with crypto tokens.

In contrast, Web3 developers are experts in mathematics, computer science, and blockchain development and know how to use technology to create secure digital assets. Finance. But how do you get started with Web3? The blockchain industry requires experienced developers who understand blockchain technology and have exceptional problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. In addition, computer engineers must be familiar with the Solidity programming language, which is used to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain engineers also need to know C++ or JavaScript to write smart contracts.

How to become a Web3 developer?

For those interested in becoming a Web3 developer, a few simple steps will help you launch a career in decentralized web space. These include: Learning the basic concepts of cryptography, blockchain technology, and data processing through various means mentioned in the previous section. The next step is to become familiar with the programming language required to build Web3 platforms. There are numerous programming languages ​​to learn, but the most popular are Python, JavaScript, C++, and Solidity.

Developers also need to understand the data structures they need when programming. Understanding these essential project components will enable you to write better code. Finally, start building smart contracts and testing them on the tenets of blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Cardano. In this way, blockchain engineers can protect themselves from typical bugs and code errors that can lead to financial losses or problems with the integrity of their data. How Much Do Web3 Developers Earn? Rather than being limited to a single cloud server, Web3 developers build distributed applications on a blockchain or decentralized peer-to-peer network that does not fall under the jurisdiction of a single entity.

Can you make a career at Web3? Is there a demand for Web3 developers?  Is it worth learning about Web3? Post-COVID-19 pandemic tech industry workers are more in demand than ever due to the growth of the Web3 space: people well-versed in blockchain and its applications, such as NFTs, metaverses, and cryptocurrencies, are earning hefty salaries. For example, for Web3 core developers, annual compensation ranges from $100,000 to $142,000, while junior programmers make from $60,000 to $120,000 annually.

Your experience, knowledge of programming languages ​​, and seniority would all affect your salary. The image below shows various average, minimum, and maximum annual salaries or positions for developer types.

Web3 opportunities in the future

With the rapid pace of technological development over the last few years, the decentralized generation of the Internet enables interaction between everything, including humans and machines. As a result, Web3 is quickly taking over the crypto sphere as it allows users to manage their data with DApps and earn rewards for participating in the decentralized web space. As the Internet evolves and the ownership, sharing, and consumption of information expands, the need for a universal standard will diminish, and data will be able to interact regardless of how knowledge was created.

Furthermore, the job growth generated by Web3 is likely to exceed that which occurred when the market began understanding what Web2 meant for Web1. As a result, Web3’s audience can experience massive changes just because of fundamental economic shifts in Web3’s ideology.

Nevertheless, developers and other technology-related positions, such as computer engineering, are in high demand. And they will have the potential to create significant value and growth over the next decade.

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