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How to Buy BNB on MetaMask

How to Buy BNB on MetaMask

Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency created by Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. Many cryptocurrency investors are unaware that they can buy BNB on MetaMask and use the wallet to interact with decentralised applications on the BNB Chain. 

BNB employs its own set of technical standards, including BEP-2, the original token for the Binance Chain, and BEP-20, which was designed specifically for the decentralised BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) (BSC). 

MetaMask, on the other hand, is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that is designed for storing cryptocurrency coins, tokens, and NFTs, as well as GameFi assets. It also enables users to access and explore the Web’s dApps (decentralised applications). 

Most people, however, associate MetaMask with Ethereum and overlook the wallet’s support for the BNB Chain and the fact that MetaMask can be used to purchase BNB.

The first step is to instal MetaMask. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile device. You can get it by going to MetaMask’s official website or the Chrome Web Store. Be cautious when downloading, as forgeries are frequently used to deceive users. Download only from official sources. 

Following the download, follow these steps: 

Launch MetaMask and select Create Wallet.

The app will generate a seed phrase for you to use as a password to gain access to your account, so keep it somewhere safe (preferably off the internet).

MetaMask is configured to use the Ethereum blockchain by default. Change it by going to settings and selecting the BNB network.

How to Buy BNB on MetaMask Forks Daily

Once your MetaMask wallet is configured correctly, you can begin exploring the BNB ecosystem’s dApps. However, in order to make purchases and pay for gas, you must first have the BNB.

You must use the third-party links provided to purchase BNB directly from MetaMask. Transak, which supports credit and debit cards, bank transfers in over 100 countries, Apple Pay, and MobiKwik, can be used in this case. The second option is to use MoonPay, which accepts credit and debit cards, as well as Samsung Pay and bank transfers in over 145 countries. 

As an example, consider Transak. You will be redirected to a new page where you must enter the amount to deposit and the payment method. Finally, review the fees, then click “Buy Now” and enter your payment information. Once completed, the BNB will be deposited into your MetaMask wallet.

Other ways to transfer BNB to MetaMask

Unfortunately, Binance is not available in every jurisdiction around the world. Binance does not operate in a few states in the United States, including Texas, Vermont, New York, and others, due to regulatory obstacles. 

However, we can use a different cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase, to purchase BNB and other cryptocurrencies with credit cards, crypto transactions, PayPal, and other methods. The next step is to move your BNB funds to your MetaMask wallet.

Go to your MetaMask wallet and copy the BNB address associated with your account. Copy the address and paste it into the exchange from which you are sending it, then click Send.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, purchasing BNB directly from MetaMask is relatively simple. If your current location is not supported by Binance, you can try a workaround by using a different exchange and sending funds from MetaMask to your BNB address. Overall, the steps are straightforward: 

  • Install MetaMask and set your default network to BNB Chain in Settings.
  • Select a deposit from the available third parties.
  • Fill in the necessary boxes and information to complete your purchase.
  • The BNB funds will be transferred to your account.

Keep your seed phrase somewhere safe, preferably offline, to avoid the risk of hacks and other cyberattacks.


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