How are physical products sold as NFTs possible?

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How are physical products sold as NFTs possible?


A digital lifestyle, trade and cultural playground which seamlessly connects the metaverse with the universe. A area for manufacturers and companions to test with the trade possibilities that exist among the bodily and digital worlds and the stories that bridge them. It connects the metaverse with the universe, allowing in-recreation purchases redeemable in-store. It has a continuously evolving software of different content material and events. It brings collectively forward-questioning designers and creators with progressive manufacturers to create never-before-visible stories. Portal is a customizable surroundings allowing manufacturers to promote bodily items as NFTs withinside the metaverse. Create media pleasant progressive retail promotions to force attain and get entry to new audiences throughout virtual residents and Gen Z pioneers. Experiment with rising purchasing traits in digital worlds with none programming required. This is a reducing part advertising innovation opportunity.



Portal offers the gap and functionality to supply reviews that constitute commerce, way of life and innovation.


For installed manufacturers to create world-first reviews. Fully configurable environments will provide a variety of branded areas that may be used for activations and events.


Our Events Space can host branded occasions that merge virtual and physical. Hosts can be a part of the occasion as an in-sport avatar and on screen.


For smaller dealers and creators Portal can facilitate small scale and one-of-a-kind releases. Boutiques are a area for makers to promote gadgets in-sport and to find out new collectibles.

LIMITED EDITION PRODUCT EXPERIENCES Product launches and confined version drops may be supported with progressive in-sport mechanics.


Host style indicates and product launches with progressive surroundings and enjoy layout tseam.

Enhance user interaction with your brand in the metaverse

The metaverse is a general term for virtual and augmented realities that allow interaction with other users. It’s meant to be a unified 3D virtual world where we can come together to play, work, collaborate and shop. It’s a sort of 3D social networking, collaboration space, and online gaming environment all rolled into one, which many experts believe will be the future of the internet. with virtual worlds like WOW and Second Life. Today, numerous platforms such as Fortnite, Roblox, and Decentraland have thousands and thousands of active users who spend their time on these platforms meeting friends and creating experiences for others to see.

Companies quickly recognized the potential these platforms offered to engage more deeply with their audience. From consumer brands like Coca-Cola and Nike to fashion and luxury brands like Balenciaga and Gucci, everyone is trying to be part of the metaverse. .Through VR technology, you can create and deliver immersive and meaningful brand experiences that will be more effective than traditional advertising in the subconscious of your audience.

Minting physical goods as NFTs

We’ve talked about creating digital versions of your physical products and stamping them as NFTs, but you can also do the opposite and turn NFTs into physical products as well. This works by associating an NFT with a physical good or service provided by the business in the real world, typically by adding a unique QR code to the product that the user can scan with their mobile phone to claim the NFT. By tokenizing your products, you can add value to them in a number of ways. Think VIP
membership tokens, loyalty rewards, collectibles that give you a prize once you complete the collection.

Mint and auction special NFTs

Anyone can create an NFT from any digital asset (and in some cases physical assets). This process is called minting and what most people do after minting is try to sell or auction the NFT. In addition to the potential to generate revenue from sales, NFTs also have the potential to create a lot of buzz around your brand if it’s unique or valuable enough. For example, the Ca’ di Dio in Venice, one of the few 5-star hotels to open in Venice. most recently 2021, auctioned a
booking of the entire hotel for one night as an NFT with OpeSea last August. Thanks to the hype surrounding NFTs, the event attracted a lot of attention and was even cited on all major cryptocurrency and NFT websites.

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