Here are the top 5 most-Googled stocks in Europe today

Here are the top 5 most-Googled stocks in Europe today

An extensive market research study has shed light on the most in-demand investment opportunities in European countries. The study examined Google Trends data for each European country to determine the most frequently searched stocks, providing valuable insights into different countries’ investment preferences.

According to research conducted on February 2, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) emerged as the clear winner, receiving an impressive 71% of the highest search traffic. Tesla is the most-Googled stock in 28 European countries, with Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland accounting for nearly half of all Tesla searches, with Sweden leading the pack at 17%.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC), the most searched-for stock in five countries, is the second most searched-for stock in Europe. Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) is ranked third, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer based in Shanghai that has grown in popularity in recent years and is the most searched-for stock in four European countries.

GameStop is still popular among retailers

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) was the most sought-after stock in Austria. In January 2021, a Reddit page called “wallstreetbets” grew in popularity and encouraged social investment in GameStop’s share price, elevating GameStop’s stock to “meme-stock” status.

Icelandair Group HF is Iceland’s most popular stock (ICE: ICEAIR). Icelandair is the country’s primary airline. The airline had record-breaking passenger revenues of nearly $487 million in the third quarter of 2022. Investors from Belarus are especially interested in EPAM Systems Inc. (NYSE: EPAM). The first company from Belarus to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange was EPAM (NYSE).

Tesla dominance

Tesla’s dominance in Europe reflects the company’s broader global appeal, which has been fueled by its commitment to sustainable energy solutions and its innovative approach to the automotive industry.

According to a spokesperson:

“It’s interesting to see how Tesla can still rule the search results of 28 European countries and maintain interest in so many countries, despite a significant decline in Tesla’s share price.”

However, since the start of 2023, the price of Tesla’s stock has been rising steadily, grabbing the interest of investors everywhere.

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