Here Are Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies of Last Month Apart from DOGE

Here Are Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies of Last Month Apart from DOGE

Although October was forecast to be a more successful month for the crypto market than September, even leading to it being called Uptober, those hopes seemed to be in vain with each passing day. However, the overall crypto market cap did. Grew by $70 billion for the month, or 7.32% relative. Let’s look at who is responsible for most of this growth.

October’s most profitable cryptocurrencies

The best token of the month was Dogecoin (DOGE). The return of DOGE’s godfather, Elon Musk, in a deal to buy Twitter set cryptocurrency quotes on fire, taking it 135 above the month’s opening price. 

In the second place, with a monthly growth rate of 98.3%, was HT, the native token of the Huobi exchange. Without the help of renowned cryptocurrency enthusiast Justin Sun, who became the exchange’s senior advisor, HT was one of the month’s sensations.

Third place went to Osmosis (OSMO), which rallied on news of its listing on Binance. One of the leading projects in the Cosmos ecosystem closed October up 44%, and the price jump only happened in the last three days of the month. 

Fourth and fifth places are roughly split between TWT and CSRP, which increased their value by 37% by the end of October. Like OSMO, both cryptocurrencies have a capitalization of less than $500 million, indicating relatively low liquidity. which lends itself to easy pumping.

The triggers that propelled these cryptocurrencies to the top of the month in terms of profitability are unknown; the general crypto public will likely find out later.

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