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The firm will provide domestic and international logistic solutions for the acquisition and delivery of bitcoin mining infrastructure with a streamlined process.

  • Foundry has released a new logistics arm to serve as a one-stop shop for all things related to bitcoin mining infrastructure.
  • Foundry Logistics enables transparent and efficient monitoring of shipments allowing customers to accurately time the market.
  • Foundry also recently launched a one-week course for those looking to become bitcoin mining technicians in New York.

Foundry Digital LLC, a bitcoin mining infrastructure provider, has launched a new logistics arm to streamline many of the hurdles associated with the purchasing of new bitcoin mining hardware, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Foundry Logistics ensures cost-effective and predictable deliveries for new hardware by providing clients with customs clearance, insurance guidance, ocean shipment solutions, national warehouse solutions and other domestic logistics. An additional benefit of Foundry’s service is time-to-market delivery with transparent expectations and updates, the company said.

Foundry Logistics provides its customers with efficient data allowing customers to monitor the transit time of their shipments, which significantly reduces obstacles facing many miners today trying to time the market in terms of profitability. The bearing of losses due to late shipments also leads to the extension of budgets and recalculating difficulty adjustments, as well as revenue generation. Foundry Logistics looks to remove these hurdles for mining operators in the industry.

“With Foundry Logistics we want to do exactly what Foundry has done with other business verticals: provide the increasing number of institutions in this maturing industry with products, services and resources that are at par with those that exist in older and more established industries,” said MK Sathya, senior VP of infrastructure.

Last week, Foundry also released Foundry Academy, a one-week course taught in Rochester, New York offering education and certification for entering the bitcoin mining space. The program seeks to train new technicians for the industry while also providing an on-ramp for those looking to get started.

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