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Fantasy Battle Card Play to Earn Game Calvaria Nears $3 Million in Pre-Sale but Will End Soon, So Act Quickly to Invest

Fantasy Battle Card Play to Earn Game Calvaria Nears  Million in Pre-Sale but Will End Soon, So Act Quickly to Invest

Calvaria’s native token, RIA, has raised more than $2.83 million in its presale, with only 8% of tokens remaining for purchase. The presale will end shortly, but interested investors can still purchase it before it does.

Calvaria’s Operation

Calvaria, one of the most innovative blockchain gaming platforms, is attempting to merge numerous Web3 concepts into simple and entertaining gameplay. The game immerses players in an afterlife-themed metaverse where they can select from a plethora of characters, each with its own set of features and attributes.

Each character in Calvaria is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Players are tasked with constructing decks out of these NFT trading cards and using them to battle other players. They use complicated techniques and tactics to acquire awards and numerous upgrades, and the winner is rewarded with eRIA, the platform’s in-app currency. This reward keeps gamers motivated since they can cash it out and earn real money. 

For gamers, the platform offers several distinct advantages. The game is playable on any device, no matter where the user is. There are no extra tools required; players can simply download the game to their devices and start playing.

In terms of gameplay, Calvaria’s developers have kept things interesting by including a variety of fighting settings and factors. As a result, gamers have a plethora of content to pick from when engaging in combat.

The Calvaria team designed a game in which each participant acts as a crypto-ambassador. This is accomplished through the game types, which appeal to both crypto aficionados and more casual gamers. The Calvaria game has two modes: free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E).

Both allow players to enjoy all of Calvaria’s features, with one key exception: F2P players do not earn the in-game RIA currency. Aside from that, users can participate in seasonal competitions, upgrade their in-game assets, and apply for scholarships.

The P2E mode, on the other hand, has even more functionality. Because each card is an NFT, players may easily assemble the best deck of cards and sell them to others. These cards dramatically increase players’ chances of winning due to their unique and unusual characteristics.

The RIA Token

Calvaria’s developers, like many other blockchain games, have integrated a native coin. This digital asset, known as an RIA, allows users to earn and participate in the game.

RIA can be swapped for eRIA, for example. Users can sell the token immediately and cash out after the trade is completed.

The intrinsic value of RIA is also derived from its status as a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. This means that players can stake the token in order to earn more money and participate in game governance via Calvaria’s decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

The introduction of RIA, like all new coins, began with a presale. The presale, which has been running since the fourth quarter of 2022, has been one of the most successful in the market, particularly given the adverse market conditions.

RIA has raised almost $2.83 million through its presale, which is slated to conclude soon. However, only 8% of all coins are still available for purchase. Once this occurs, prospective investors will be able to purchase RIAs only through controlled exchanges.

The platform’s developers recently stated that they would be listed on the LBank exchange and the BKEX, both of which are reliable and stable exchanges with a high level of liquidity.

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