Facebook Joins Meta’s Instagram in Supporting NFTs

Facebook Joins Meta’s Instagram in Supporting NFTs

Users of Facebook can now link their crypto wallets and begin sharing their digital collectibles, parent company Meta said.

Social media powerhouse Meta Platforms (META) said Monday that it’s now allowing users to post their non-fungible tokens (NFT) on social media platform Facebook.

What started as an Instagram-oriented NFT integration in May is now available on both Meta-owned platforms. According to Meta’s updated May 10 post, users can now connect their crypto wallets to either app, and post their digital assets across both social media platforms.

The latest integration could expose vast new audiences to crypto collectibles because Facebook has billions of users worldwide. Whether and how parent company Meta monetizes those eyeballs remains to be seen.

Meta supports NFTs from Ethereum, the layer 2 companion blockchain Polygon and Flow, a blockchain best known for NBA Top Shot. Flow’s native token FLOW rallied on the news of the Facebook integration.

“As we continue rolling out digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve started giving people the ability to post digital collectibles that they own across both Facebook and Instagram. This will enable people to connect their digital wallets once to either app in order to share their digital collectibles across both,” the updated blog post said.

This article was originally published on coindesk.com

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