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Ethereal the biggest P2E ecosystem providing ETH rewards

Ethereal The biggest P2E ecosystem providing ETH rewards

Ethereal the biggest P2E ecosystem providing ETH rewards

The computer age has revolutionized the world. It has paved the way for countless technological advancement, hugely benefitting the gaming industry. The creation of digital games has allowed players to create and interact with virtual worlds. It is now allowing players to earn money while playing. Sometimes, these virtual worlds surpass the real world in complexity, scope and beauty. 

Ethereal is not just a game. It is a vast world, a culture, a society, an endless landscape with endless possibilities. It is an ecosystem of games whereby users play games and earn $ETR. This play-to-earn ecosystem provides a fun narrative for regular players as well as an ecosystem for players who want to earn while playing.

Ethereal the biggest P2E ecosystem providing ETH rewards

The core of Ethereal has always been fun games. We are recreating popular casual games that attract thousands of players daily. By enabling everyone to have fun and make money, these games support our objective of introducing blockchain to users. The kind of games available will change as we continue to integrate playable NFTs into Ethereal.

$ETR is a BEP-20 token and the main currency of the Ethereal ecosystem. It enables users to trade NFTs in the marketplace of the ecosystem. Other than its transactionary purpose, the $ETR is packed with multiple other utilities. The token is launched on the BSC network in order to promote mass adoption and reduce the burden of the transactions from the millions of transactions that gamers will do within the ecosystem.

Since Ethereal is a community-driven project, the project team has carefully crafted the tokenomics to ensure that holders are rewarded for holding the $ETR token. $ETR ensures that holders earn passive income in their wallets in ETH (BEP20) by holding a minimum of the $ETR token. The objective of the ecosystem is to create a community that earns while having fun. $ETR allows for ownership within the ecosystem while rewarding holders for their patience.

In Ethereal, players can either engage in solo mode or PVP mode. In solo mode, the players interact with bots in multiple games and complete missions to earn $ETR. In the PvP mode, players play against other players and win the pot. To engage in PvP, players need to pledge a certain amount of tokens which goes to ETRds the pot. At the end of each game, winners will earn 97% of the pot while 3% of the pot will go for ecosystem maintenance and token buyback and burns.

$ETR has been live on pancakeswap since 8 PM EST on the 6th of September and is available for trading.

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