ETHDenver Primer: What You Can Expect from Ethereum’s Largest Annual Conference

ETHDenver Primer: What You Can Expect from Ethereum’s Largest Annual Conference

ETHDenver is the biggest annual conference for Ethereum enthusiasts, developers, investors, and anyone interested in blockchain technology. This event brings together some of the brightest minds in the Ethereum community to discuss the latest developments, innovations, and trends in the blockchain space. In this primer, we will take a closer look at what you can expect from ETHDenver 2023.

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Overview of ETHDenver

ETHDenver is a three-day conference that includes a range of activities, including keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, hackathons, and networking events. The conference aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and education within the Ethereum community.


Keynote Speeches

The keynote speeches are one of the highlights of ETHDenver. Renowned speakers from the Ethereum community will share their insights and vision for the future of the blockchain technology. The speeches cover a range of topics, including the latest developments in Ethereum, the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the role of blockchain in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.


Workshops and Panel Discussions

ETHDenver offers a range of workshops and panel discussions that cover a wide range of topics related to Ethereum and blockchain technology. The workshops are led by experts in the field and provide attendees with hands-on experience in developing dApps, smart contracts, and other blockchain applications. The panel discussions cover a range of topics, including the challenges and opportunities facing the Ethereum ecosystem, the future of DeFi, and the role of Ethereum in the broader blockchain ecosystem.



One of the most exciting events at ETHDenver is the hackathon. This is a 36-hour coding marathon that brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to develop new blockchain solutions. Participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills, learn from others, and win prizes. The hackathon is a great way to connect with other developers and entrepreneurs in the Ethereum community.

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