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DeFi problems and opportunities in 2023: Market Talks

DeFi problems and opportunities in 2023: Market Talks

To begin, the presentation looks at the coming trends of 2023 and what people should be looking forward to. What industries could truly take off this year, and which area has the most growth potential?

It’s no secret that 2022 was a bad year for DeFi, a business that potentially imploded on itself by promising unsustainable high yields, causing the model to fail. Ray Salmond, Cointelegraph’s head of markets, asks Shears if there are any projects planned this year to address this issue, and what that solution might look like.

Since rates have climbed from roughly 1% to 3.5% — and in some cases 4.65% — traditional finance (TradFi) appears to have caught up to DeFi. TradFi also provides a sense of security and safety. When compared to DeFi, where larger payouts require users to take on higher risks, there are fewer dangers involved. Salmond requests that Shears explain how DeFi can make a case for itself in this climate.

Have you heard of “NFT-Fi?” No? You’re not by yourself. Despite the fact that it has been around since 2020, nothing is known about it or its potential. Salmond and Shears discuss what it is and what problems it seeks to answer in this episode.

Following that is some good ol’ technical analysis. The show examines Bitcoin BTC. The tickers are down $20,863., Ethereum ETH Tickers are down $1,531.00. and a few cryptocurrencies to discover what fundamentals Shears is now following and how he is trading in this market. Salmond and Shears also talk about Bitcoin’s recent price surge and if it was a trend change or just another bull trap.

People are becoming enthusiastic about the new staked ETH unlocks that will be available as part of the Shanghai upgrade. Salmond asks Shears about the upgrade and whether it’s a case of “buy the rumour, sell the news” like the Merge or a spark for the next DeFi bull run.

Finally, the age-old question: What will entice people to return to crypto? Will 2023 be the year that investors regain interest in the space, or will we have to wait until 2024 for any significant action?

Keep reading till the end to obtain all of these details and more. Cointelegraph will also take your questions and comments during the event, so have them ready.

Every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. ET, Market Talks broadcasts live (5:00 pm UTC). It contains conversations with some of the most powerful and inspiring personalities in the crypto and blockchain industries every week.

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