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Decentralized Social Media project Bluesky unveils Latest protocol

Decentralized Social Media project Bluesky unveils Latest protocol

The decentralized social media platform powered by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Bluesky, unveiled documentation and announced the Authenticated Transport Protocol (AT). Bluesky, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s decentralized social media initiative, announced on Twitter that it would be renaming its protocol from “ADX” to Authenticated Transport Protocol (AT) and provided additional documentation on the scope of the project ready. In response to Twitter’s call for a decentralized approach to building social media platforms, the AT protocol will rely on account portability, algorithmic selection, interoperability, and performance, according to a thread posted by Bluesky.

So far, the project has an official website that is still under construction. The company has teased the launch of an upcoming social media-focused Bluesky app based on the AT protocol that users can waitlist for. 

According to Bluesky, the AT protocol runs on a federated network, a configuration with centrally managed frameworks that allocate shared resources across a set of connected networks or locations. To explain the network model, Bluesky provided an example where many sites run the protocol, and users can choose between providers. In turn, individuals or companies can choose to host themselves.

In terms of online identity management, to give users more control, the AT protocol will allow account switching between providers, which Bluesky says won’t cause data loss or impact social graphs. Bluesky’s approach to account management “requires no ties to a real-world identity,” Dorsey tweeted in response to another user in his thread on the announcement, adding that it would be “very wrong.”

 Closed-source algorithms that choose what users can see and whom they can connect with can become problematic in cases where misinformation or divisive messages are openly disseminated. Bluesky will support open-source algorithms, giving users greater control over content and connectivity. Bluesky hired Jay Graber, former Zcash and Skuchain software developer and founder of the social event – Startups Happening Inc., to encourage the development of the decentralized social network protocol.

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